Fabio Mezzatesta and the Ice Challenge

Fabio Mezzatesta and the Ice Challenge

the Roman driver expected to be the protagonist of the Pragelato weekend

Meteco Corse standard taker “at the start” of the second and third selections proposed by the kermesse on the ice, programming known for the use of the Bernini Hyundai I20 R5 team. Two, heat races are scheduled between Saturday and Sunday.

Fabio Mezzatesta is ready to wear his suit and hat again. The Roman driver is expected on the dusty roads of the Ice Challenge, the Italian Speed ​​​​Championship on Ice, an event that – in Alta Val Chisone, in Pragelato – will call the protagonists at the start of its second and third rounds.

Fresh from his debut on the ice, set in the first heat at the beginning of the year – again in Pragelato – Fabio Mezzatesta will still have the Hyundai I20 R5 offered by the Bernini team, the model that will mark his schedule for the whole season. .

The performances evoked during the opening battle of the series were the best, a context that – in its three heats – featured the driver of the Meteco Corse team, fifth in class 4.

The specific format, the one proposed by the organizers at the end of the week, with a raised Saturday thanks to the allocation of double quotas: free practice and qualifying will expect three sessions of the race, scheduled from 9.30. On Sunday the format will be further refined with the Grand King, a “one-on-one” battle reserved for the main characters of the weekend.

Backed by the satisfactory results of the opening heat, Fabio Mezzatesta will return to the ice of Pragelato trying to improve the feeling with the car in the projection of RX Italia, the Italian Rallycross Championship, the context placed at the center of the 2023 sports program.

In the photo (free copyright Elio Magnano): Fabio Mezzatesta in action at Pragelato.