Fair trial: Tesla responsible for Autopilot deaths?

Fair trial: Tesla responsible for Autopilot deaths?

Tesla is under criminal investigation. That goes to the question of whether the manufacturer can be (partially) responsible for the many fatal accidents that have happened to Teslas on Autopilot.

The US Department of Justice opened a criminal investigation last year, but has not made it public. news agency Reuters spoke to three parties involved who have confirmed the investigation.

Has Tesla Overpowered Auto?

Everything revolves around the question of whether Tesla has exceeded Autopilot’s capabilities and is therefore (partially) responsible and liable for the fatal accidents in which Autopilot was involved.

Tesla Autopilot does not see motorcyclists – the third fatal accident in a short time

Tesla Autopilot is a semi-autonomous driving assistant that always requires a human driver to pay attention and intervene. A Tesla with an activated system is therefore not a self-driving car, as Elon Musk and some media also claim.

Full Autonomy is not self-driving

According to the Department of Justice, Tesla has misrepresented the capabilities of Autopilot. In 2016, Musk said that the system is “probably better” than a human.

Even Tesla’s Dutch website says that you can order Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Capability. At the bottom, it says in writing that the system does not run itself even with the FSD upgrade, but yes … it is a name that holds.

‘Problems caused by abuse’

However, Tesla clearly communicates that drivers should keep their hands on the wheel and remain alert. According to Musk, the problem with Autopilot arises if people don’t use it as Tesla intended.

Tesla Autopilot’s driver discovery isn’t much less

Yes, absolutely weed. That is why you must design such a system in such a way that idiots are protected from themselves. But that doesn’t seem to be happening either, as drivers are still regularly pulled off the road to take a nap inside their Model 3 or Model S.

Justice isn’t the only one investigating Tesla

The Justice Department isn’t the only agency investigating Tesla Autopilot. The US RDW and the state of California also want to know how much Tesla’s exaggerated claims contributed to various fatal accidents.

In Washington and San Francisco, Justice Department officials are looking into whether Tesla misled customers, investors and lawmakers about Autopilot’s capabilities.

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