FANC does not fully accept the demolition works “freeze” Doel 3: “Possible extension is not good governance”

FANC does not fully accept the demolition works “freeze” Doel 3: “Possible extension is not good governance”


FANC does not fully agree with the “freeze” of the demolition works in Doel 3. In the contract that the federal base considers, the nuclear watchdog mentions a whole list of objections and basically says that due to the lack. of data, nothing can be done. talk about possible risks. “The possible and very late decision to go ahead with life extension is not a sign of good governance,” chief executive Frank Hardeman told the government.

Arnout Gyssels

“It was not excluded” to safely postpone the preparatory work in Doel 3, said Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden (CD&V). “As long as there is enough certainty about security,” he added.

That is a very selective reading of the document FANC gave him. The authority responsible for nuclear safety does not say whether it is right to postpone the decommissioning of Doel 3. According to FANC, such a freeze makes sense if there is a “good chance of a possible restart”, according to the memorandum that Verlinden received.

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Then managing director Frank Hardeman cites a long list of reasons why this is far from certain. Unprepared, no nuclear fuel, no certainty as to whether critical parts will last long. “I’m not sure if it’s entirely possible, and we’re talking about a period of many years.”

FANC notes that it can be difficult especially because it will be difficult in the organization without jeopardizing other projects. FANC “cannot guarantee that a delayed and unprepared event does not pose a risk to nuclear safety”. So it cannot speak for itself. But the body says that “the possible and very late decision to extend the duration of this power station is not a sign of good management”.

Great lessons

In Engie, the operator of nuclear plants in our country, they are still waiting for the document and they think that their time will remain the same. “We remain available for questions from the government and will not fail to explain the full implications of such a decision.”

Shutting down the reactor and restarting it after a few years does not seem like a good idea for Engie. “That has never happened in history. It will require great studies and investment.