Fast and Furious Movies: Vin Diesel is currently in Monastier-sur-Gasoil

Fast and Furious Movies: Vin Diesel is currently in Monastier-sur-Gasoil

Famous actor Vin Diesel is currently filming the final Fast and Furious movie in Monastier-sur-Gasoil.

The latest Fast and Furious movie, titled Fat and Furious, Altiligerians Fire, is currently filming in the town of Monastier-sur-Gasoil, at the request of star actor and director Vin Diesel. The latter manages personal activities. This latest opus remains familiar to the environment: the cars used here are the Citroën 2 CV and the Citroën DS, driven by the old station wagon. In order to remain more authentic in the spirit of the time of the past 70 years, the original decorations and materials have not been changed. “It’s cool to be here, everybody carbide. Here we have the core of a group of guys who love cars and action. I really like it,” answered Vin Diesel.

The change in the name of the municipality that caused controversy

For the needs of the film, the common “Monastier-sur-Gazeille” was renamed Le Monastier-sur-Gazoil, after the decision and agreement of the members of the Municipal Council. But this change, which is now effective, will be final, because the law prohibits changing the name of your municipality twice. Among the locals, there is an exclamation “But they are completely stupid, we are treated as stupid”, is taken by René Gethea. For Gisèle Panzerfoste, her voice is painful but she tries to put things right: “Now it seems that our town has the name of a coastal town that suffered from the sinking of an oil truck … But hey, in consolation, we are in the front line to see film”.

Summary of courage

Indeed, locals should see the show. In this final episode of Fast and Furious, the hero is looking for a truffade of 8000 calories but realizes that his competitor has beaten him and intends to go to the inn in Super 95-Besse where the precious sesame is. But his opponent, with his pumps, is hindered by his bad direction. Vin Diesel, aka Dominic Taligot, is thinking of arriving first but is in a state of calm in Monastier-sur-Gasoil. If found, a new series begins… In this 100km/h film, with especially interesting tractor scenes, the viewer will definitely get their money’s worth. Meanwhile, the residents are enjoying the show. The director confirms: “It is certain that at the public level, we have already filled it! »