Fast Upload, More Natural Sounds – News – ELECTRICAL WOW

Fast Upload, More Natural Sounds – News – ELECTRICAL WOW

From the beginning, Mazda has not been involved in hunting for high-capacity batteries with the most suitable array for traveling with its electric vehicle. It is best to install a small battery that weighs in indefinitely and is still sufficient for daily trips. Yes, a good technique. Despite the current improvements to charging functions, daily life in the MX-30 is clearly more relaxed.

Reason: Normal AC charging is now possible in three phases with a maximum of 50 kW instead of 40 kW passing through a cable to a fast DC charger. Mazda estimates this performance improvement by saving 10 minutes. In the DC charging section, the best condition is that the coffee break lasts only 26 minutes.

The new sound should look more natural
The driving noise of an electric car is always one thing: without the increasing noise level of a hard-working combustion engine, it is difficult to say how fast you are driving. The Mazda has adjusted here and is talking about a new sound that should help carefully identify the torque development of the power unit. The 2022 MX-30 harvest should also deal with other noise (wind, tires) without abnormal noise.

Something has also happened in terms of color. “Jet Black” and “Zircon Sand” have been added to the multi-color combination, which corresponds to the four “color color schemes”. When choosing interior images, we usually choose bright motifs so that the image “does not fade”, as our photographer would say. Here we can not avoid showing you the dark theme of the cockpit, because Mazda has added a completely black version to the existing alternatives “Modern fidelity” (i.e. white) and Industrial grapes (i.e. brown). The gray and white accents refresh the interior a bit, the central cone – as usual – made of cork is dark brown. “It’s sinking though,” says the photographer. In everyday life, a dark pilot’s room is undoubtedly easy to maintain and prevent unwanted reflections.

The new Mazda MX-30 is scheduled to launch in all European markets in July.

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