“Faster than Aston Martin” – Vettel rides a motorcycle on the racetrack – fans cheer, FIA threatens penalty

“Faster than Aston Martin” – Vettel rides a motorcycle on the racetrack – fans cheer, FIA threatens penalty


After his corona injury, Sebastian Vettel returns to the Australian Grand Prix. However, things are not going well. After training, he still attracts everyone’s attention.

As a result of this action, the FIA ​​opens an investigation against the German.


  • The Australian Grand Prix is ​​coming up this weekend.

  • Sebastian Vettel has returned after surviving a corona infection.

  • But the German is forced to finish training early.

  • The FIA ​​even initiates an investigation against him because of the shocking action.

Sebastian Vettel’s return has not gone according to plan so far. After surviving a corona virus infection, Sebastian Vettel was forced to watch the second training session before the Australian Grand Prix. In the first session he had to park his Aston Martin type car before his time on the road due to engine problems. At that time it was no longer possible to find a suitable car to be on the road again in time for the second period of practice. “I have problems with the engine,” said the German.

Vettel even grabbed a fire extinguisher himself after the incident when his car was overflowing with smoke. Then, with the help of supervisors, he pushed the car to safety. The 34-year-old returned to the garage on a motorcycle as fans cheered. But that can still have consequences, since driving on the road is actually prohibited. The FIA ​​has already launched an investigation.

The rules state that up to five minutes after the end of the session, no one except marshals can enter the course. Meaning: The 34-year-old athlete would have to take the secret routes back to the pits and not the actual way to race with a motorcycle.

Fans cheering for Vettel

However: Formula 1 fans celebrated the German at this stage. For example, they joked that motorcycles were faster than Aston Martin. A Twitter user said: “Important news: Vettel is working part-time as an Uber Eats driver until his car is operational again.” Many fans just laughed about the action and enjoyed the accompanying music. Even the official Twitter account of Formula 1 tweeted: “This is the unique end of the training period we can remember.”

At the same time, Formula 1 leader Charles Leclerc has demonstrated his skill by having a good amount of training time. At the start of Melbourne on Friday, the Ferrari driver drove the fastest time of 1: 18.978 minutes and knocked world champion Max Verstappen to the Red Bull with a lead of 0.245 seconds in second place. Carlos Sainz in the second Ferrari finished just behind in third place. Although there is another fight between Scuderia and Red Bull Down Under, world record holder Lewis Hamilton only won 13th place at Mercedes.

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