FC Bayern: DAZN viewers were surprised: what should German Barca broadcasts do?  |  Sports

FC Bayern: DAZN viewers were surprised: what should German Barca broadcasts do? | Sports

DAZN viewers were surprised |

What was this German advertisement for Barca?

Does Barca need new fans in Germany?

Almost all the viewers who watched Bayern’s game in Barcelona on DAZN were surprised by this announcement on Wednesday evening: the fans sing the Barça song “Un dia de partit” – with German lyrics: “My heart is beating and everyone knows why, I” will be Barca fan and I always will be.” At the end, some Barca stars are shown, former Bayern striker Robert Lewandowski (34) says in German: “I’m a Barca fan.” And Marc-André ter Stegen adds: “And it will always be that way.” Again and again, commercials aired on German screens during commercial breaks.

Barca advertising on German TV – what’s behind it?

Barcelona’s official car partner Cupra is responsible for the advertising, at the end of which the brand is temporarily displayed next to the Barca logo. According to BILD news, the position was planned together with Barca and was deliberately placed near the game against Bayern. They are also happy about Barca’s German fans, but that is not the primary goal, according to Cupra.

Cupra belongs to the Viti Group, which in turn belongs to the Volkswagen Group. The sponsor had already engaged in fan campaigns before, so fans could send cheering photos, which were displayed on the LED board during the game.

Many Bayern fans were delighted by Lewandowski’s statement – after all, the Pole has only been playing for Barca for a few months. Some comments on Twitter: “Advertisement for being a Barca fan is a new level of mockery.” “It has more personality than a support group”, “God is ashamed”, “the ‘I’m a Barca fan’ ad is a joke. , isn’t it?”

Location: fans sing the Barca anthem in German

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The truth is: Barca’s image has suffered greatly in recent years due to the departure of Messi, financial crisis and near bankruptcy. The giant’s accident was also followed closely in Germany, no doubt also due to the long exchange of Zoff next to Lewandowski. Even Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann (35) publicly questioned where the transfer money from Barca came from – which was not well received in Spain.

Goose bumps lap of honor Ribéry is crying uncontrollably

Franck Ribéry crying in front of Salernitana fans after resigning

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Could the image be brightened by a somewhat strange business? It would have been easier with a tight match on the pitch – but Barca still have a lot to do after Bayern’s collapse…