fear in South Korea VIDEO

fear in South Korea VIDEO

Scary moments on the planeAsiana Airlines when uA 30-year-old man opened the emergency door while landing at the airport of Daegu in South Korea. It is clear that the other 194 passengers on board panicked immediately, but due to the steady hand and experience of the crew, the plane was able to finish the operation regularly.

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Panic on the board

Flight OZ8124 had taken off from Jeju Island on Friday 19 May, but it was around 12.45am that the madman carried out his crazy plan, with passengers recording a video as evidence of what was happening. From the videos that have gone viral on social media, you can clearly see ithe wind blowing the chairs, causing more panic among those on board. The most frightened children, including the father of one of these who recounted the shocking moment: “The children were scared, they were shaking and crying”. After landing, the police are on duty at the airport they put a man in custody, then they arrested him. As stated by the airline itself, the authorities are still investigating the incident.

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