Feast: Erik Comas’ street-law Nissan R390 GT1

Feast: Erik Comas’ street-law Nissan R390 GT1

In addition to major speakers such as the Porsche 911 GT1, McLaren F1 GTR, Mercedes CLK GTR and Toyota GT-One, the Nissan GT1 machine was snowing all the time. The car did not have the honor of being the first special conversation, did not break very strict rules, and did not have a very long period of time.

Nissan got into the car only twice in Le Mans, with the best result of third place in 1998. When the GT1 class was stopped, the car disappeared unnoticed to the Zama museum. Only through old photos and games like Gran Turismo the car remained unknown.

End of lease agreement

However, the man who finished twelve and R390 GT1 has never forgotten the machine. Érik Comas is best known for his short Formula 1 career – and the clip that Ayrton Senna was rescued after a tragic accident at the Spa – but the best man also had a good job as a Nissan factory driver after his tenure as Prime Minister. class ..

Érik loved his Le Mans runner so much that he took the car from his employer. After a long period of restoration, the born-again athlete appeared in the prestigious Villa D’Este competition.

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second road car

Comas did not limit itself by returning only R390. During the process, he ensured that special severe homologation could receive a license plate. This makes the second R390 GT1 the only one that can enter the road.

An original fictional version of the street was introduced in 1997 to feature the athlete. The red-colored machine was reprinted a year later with the now popular blue, and updated to make the aerodynamic adjustment of the long tail version valid.

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Both versions of the original street version.

McLaren Engine

Under the hood of the Comas machine we find a 3.5 liter twin turbo VHR35L V8. The group dates back to the Nissan Group C era and was later transformed into McLaren with the help of specialist Ricardo.

The M838T in MP4-12C so it owes everything to the old Nissan racer. In the race trim, the engine delivered approximately 650 horses. The street version had to work with 100 hp less. The Comas car is of course located somewhere in the middle.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the unique Nissan at speed. So we have to do with parking speed. However, in NM2255 Car HD Video videos we can enjoy a few adjustments when the car gets warm. We hope to see Érik again soon with some excellent pictures of his beautiful creations.