Fernando Alonso: “There is no chance of this happening” / Formula 1

Fernando Alonso: “There is no chance of this happening” / Formula 1

Fernando Alonso does not show his hand in the discussion about his future as a doctor. Rumors are rife, with rumors swirling about the Spaniard’s move to Red Bull Racing. He says so himself.

Formula 1 veteran Fernando Alonso is about to play nice with the media as he works behind the wheel of his GP race. The two-time champion is among the most loved journalists and writers because he always writes a headline every time he speaks. This summer the Spaniard caused a stir because he doubted the continuation of his GP career.

The proud Asturian insisted that he first had to decide if he wanted to continue driving before considering which team he would go for points. The departure of Red Bull Racing champion Max Verstappen may have influenced his decision, he admitted in Suzuka, but at the same time made it clear that he did not believe in the relevant rumours.

The 42-year-old explained when asked about the future of Verstappen, whose current contract runs until 2028: “That could definitely have an impact. But I think there’s no chance of that happening. That’s why I don’t think too much about it.” Alonso waved that he knew nothing more than the journalists present. “That’s my personal opinion.”

“I want to focus more on this race now, before I decide if I want to continue racing and what is the best option for me if I decide to continue,” Alonso added with a smile.