“Ferrari? 15 years of ‘it will be next year’… Leclerc has no competition”

“Ferrari? 15 years of ‘it will be next year’… Leclerc has no competition”

10/05/2023 15:45:00

Briatore: “Ferrari? 15 years of ‘it will be next year’… Leclerc has no competition”

He is Flavio Briatore around the one who spoke to Il Riformista loudspeakers to talk about the main events of Formula 1. From the field of Red Bull for the difficulty of Ferrarifrom the innovations introduced by the Circus to the complex nature of Monza: we give you an extract of its issues.

Words by Flavio Briatore

“Max Verstappen has power and style, the world championship is already his. Red Bull are doing different championships, they are strong because they work well together and they have the only true genius who is Adrian Newey”, Briatore made his debut at the microphone of a well-known magazine. He then describes Fernando Alonso as “the real surprise of this world championship” and about Aston Martin he says: “It is a team that was not competitive until last year. Then they invaded the number two of Red Bull and Mercedes by investing heavily in technology and the factory for more than twenty million. For these reasons, I pushed Fernando to join Aston Martin, which now, after the fourth Grands prix, it is also second to Ferrari. Aston did well in the last round in Miami although it is not a circuit that suits the car well, but if nothing is unexpected, the world championship is already written. circuits like Monte Carlo can always be a big surprise .”

Taking aim instead at Ferrari, Briatore explains: “Fifteen years of ‘it will be next year’ doesn’t exist, it doesn’t last. I’m too far behind, the car has too many problems from use and Charles Leclerc, as we saw in Miami, is not there. a competitor, unlike his colleague Carlos Sainz who defended well”. And about Vasseur: “He’s just one person in the team. He’s trying to rebuild the technical structure adequately and at the same time not lose engineers.”

On the new sprint formula: “You get out of bed in the morning if you have a goal, and if before Friday the drivers went out on the track to give instructions to the team, now they go out to score points. , for the audience and TV everything is more interesting. Everyone is led to see one more day of F1 that there previously it was only for local people. The idea of ​​Domenicali, who is a friend I have known for thirty years, is good. We are here to run, not for tourism, and to run you need goals”.

Finally, an article on the difficult situation of the Monza circuit, whose future in the calendar is in the balance: “The Minister of Infrastructure Matteo Salvini does not give one hand, but two, to invest in the modernization of the circuit where it has been difficult to work. Not much has been invested in recent years and the gap with the new racetracks F1 appears “.

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