Ferrari 296 GTB vs Ferrari SF90.  Brothers fight (video)

Ferrari 296 GTB vs Ferrari SF90. Brothers fight (video)

All are coveted items for car fans from around the world. They come from the same firm, but offer different drive systems, although they are based on the same technology.

However, there are no losers in this fight. The Ferrari 296 GTB and the Ferrari SF90 are incredible machines whose capabilities would put 95 percent of the cars on our wonderful planet to shame.

In both cases, we are dealing with hybrid systems. It should be noted, however, that all combustion and electric units are completely different, as are the counterweights of vehicles. This makes the comparison results not obvious.

Ferrari 296 GTB vs Ferrari SF90

Let’s start with this slightly weak, but certainly not a weak model. The Ferrari 296 GTB has a three-liter turbocharged V6 engine supported by an electric motor. The driver has a capacity of 830 horses and 740 Newton meters.

An eight-speed automatic transmission works with the hybrid system. Power goes to the rear axle only. The Italian coupe configured in this way weighs 1,470 kg. So you can expect good performance.

The 296 GTB is 100kg lighter but lacks the all-wheel drive that the SF90 has.

How does the Ferrari SF90 compare against this background? Best. The four-liter, turbocharged V8 engine has been supplemented with three electric units. Side effects? 1000 horsepower and 800 Newton meters.

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The counterweight of the SF90 is not as high as one might think. The car weighs a hundred more, or 1570 kg. Here you will also find an eight-speed automatic, but there is also a four-wheel drive – without the classic shaft. The electric motor on it is responsible for the rear axle.

Which of these cars will be faster in a straight line? Well, all signs in the sky and on paper point to SF90, but remember that in reality it can be different. The first meters can be important.