Ferrari 296 GTS – Maranello’s first modern convertible with a V6 engine.  It has 830 hp

Ferrari 296 GTS – Maranello’s first modern convertible with a V6 engine. It has 830 hp

And how can you not believe Ferrari that a new model can be equal to fun? All the more so because the GTS is a complete development of the hybrid model of the 296 GTB presented last year and, like him, it has a 3-liter V6 with two turbos of 663 HP under the hood and an electric motor that produces an additional 167 HP. . The total power of the system is amazing 830 HP and 740 Nm torque, which makes 1,540 kg converted and the ability to reach “hundreds” in 2.9 seconds, accelerate to 200 km / h in 7.6 seconds and accelerate independently to more than 330 km / h. . In addition, it delivers an “innovative, exciting and unique exhaust sound” – the 296 GTB’s patented “hot pipe” has been completely redesigned on the 296 GTS to further enhance the sound of the engine when the roof is folded and unfolded. . It is placed in front of the exhaust treatment system, so that the clean sound is directed into the cabin, further increasing the driver’s involvement and emotion. Interestingly, as the first in the F163 engine family, this V6 was called the “piccolo V12” (small V12) during the development phase.

Most of the power is delivered to the rear wheels through an 8-speed DCT transmission with E-Diff and an MGU-K unit located between the engine and transmission. The MGU-K is a powerful battery-charging electric motor that powers the combustion engine, provides additional torque (315 Nm) and power (up to 167 hp), and allows for all-electric operation. eDrive mode. It is powered by a 7.45 kWh battery located on the floor behind the seats and an inverter.

The eMannetino selector, known from other Ferrari models, allows the driver to choose one of four modes of operation of the drive and steering systems. These are:

  • eDrive, in which the combustion engine is turned off and only the electric drive is transferred to the rear wheels; with a fully charged battery, the car can travel 25 km with a maximum speed of 135 km / h;

  • Hybrid (H): This is the default mode when the ignition is on. The flow of energy is directed with great efficiency, and the intelligent control determines the intervention of the internal combustion engine. With the engine running, the car develops its power and high performance;

  • Performance: The combustion engine is always on and helps keep the battery running to ensure full power at all times. This is the perfect setting for driving under time pressure.

  • Features: Provides maximum performance but at the cost of low battery life.

Ferrari 296 GTS – a great racer

The two-seater Berlinetta Spider, as the new Ferrari calls it, looks almost identical to the GTB coupe when the roof is closed, and its slimness and compact dimensions are similar to the 1963 LM 250. Similarities can be seen in the side air intakes. , vertical rear window and rotating body panels. The characteristic “aero bridge” of the GTB also remained in place. At the front, narrow headlights and a low, wide grille catch the eye, and at the back there is a large diffuser with an exhaust system in the middle of it. In just 14 seconds, even when driving at a speed of up to 45 km / h, the two-part folding roof is hidden in front of the engine room, and the driver and passengers can enjoy the ride under the open sky. This solution allowed the designers to introduce a window behind the bonnet, through which the new V6 engine is clearly visible. After folding the roof, the cabin is separated from the rear deck by the previously mentioned rear glass window with adjustable height, which ensures excellent comfort even at high speeds.

The cockpit of the 296 GTS is developed according to the new all-digital interface concept. This means, among other things, a multimedia system with digital clocks and additional displays for passengers, which, when the engine is off, are black and emphasize the small look of the cabin. For the GTS 296, the designers have created special seats with different grooves that harmonize beautifully with the edge of the instrument cluster, while the leather upholstery gives the interior a unique character. In addition, aerodynamic flaps are integrated into the rear body structure, which reduces air turbulence and improves comfort when driving with an open top.

Ferrari 296 GTS – Assetto Fiorano

For customers focused on harnessing the full sporting potential of the Ferrari model, the 296 GTS Assetto Fiorano package is available. Includes special regulated GT races shock absorbers More, more refined and lower strength high carbon front fenders that can provide 10 kg extra weight, Lexan rear window and extensive use of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber inside and out. Thanks to these solutions, it was possible to reduce the car’s weight by 8 kg. In addition, customers can also order a special body color inspired by the 250 Le Mans model and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2R high-performance tires recommended for track use.

The Ferrari 296 GTS will go on sale in the coming months. The company has not yet revealed the price of the model, but you can expect a higher amount than 298 thousand. euro, which opens the price list for the 296 GTB version.