Ferrari back in the pillory – How to Cars

Ferrari back in the pillory – How to Cars

The Tifosi wished another winner. Max Verstappen was mercilessly booed on the podium as the winner. But even for the Italian doctor, Ferrari must blame himself for the failure.

Ferrari star Charles Leclerc (second place) putting his finger on the red wound with the words: “If you start here from the pole, then you also want to win.” So this is not my best day.”

Trouble: The Scuderia has made a mistake again. When the safety car phase begins on lap 13 after Sebastian Vettel’s exit due to engine damage, the traditional team brings its superstar Leclerc to the pits.

Alone: ​​The yellow phase is too short for Leclerc to benefit from a short stop. And: Because the Scuderia uses medium stiffness instead of hard tires, a second stop is planned. However, Verstappen can move forward and easily practice his one-stop strategy.

The Scuderia has made a mistake again.

“We couldn’t take full advantage of the pit stop during the safety car period because it ended when I went down the pit lane with new tyres,” admits Leclerc. “From then on we were behind.” Ferrari takes risks, but it doesn’t pay off.

How To Cars caught up with former Renault team boss Flavio Briatore after the race at Monza. The Italian simply sighs: “It’s amazing how Ferrari can mess it up in every race.”

Note: Carlos Sainz lost a wheel at Zandvoort. And the decision to make a pit stop is also illogical at Monza. In fact, a leader does not take any unnecessary risks.

“It was the right decision,” insists Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto. “He could not have been defeated except by tactics.” A statement that can also be seen as kissing the best Max Verstappen in Red Bull. After all, Ferrari’s race director admits after the pole position: “We can do a better job.”

This year, however, that won’t bring much. In theory, Max Verstappen could already be the world champion in the next race in Singapore. If he wins and Leclerc finishes in the top nine, the 2022 World Cup will end in Monegasque. But at Ferrari they keep their heads above water by being able to stand against Red Bull this year with the new chassis rules.

“We have to see the positive,” Leclerc appeals to a disappointed Tifosi. “In Belgium we were very behind. After that, we worked hard to understand it better. We were able to find a pole here, which surprised me a little. In the race we were not fast enough against Max. But we were better than Spa.

Ferrari’s claims come close to the bitter truth. It’s not just Michael Schumacher’s former team boss Flavio Briatore who should find that “weird”.