Ferrari confirms first electric car for 2025

Ferrari confirms first electric car for 2025

( – How is a sports car brand like Ferrari headed in the future? The electric driving trend is also not limited to Maranello, but they seem to be in no rush to electrify their products. This is demonstrated by the “Capital Markets Day 2022”, where the brand presented its plans for the coming years.

Ferrari Capital Markets Day 2022


Ferrari’s 2018-2022 product roadmap called for 15 products, and the same commitment is being made for 2023-2026. The first of these 15 vehicles will be in September 2022 with an SUV Purosangue exposed. Another first for the Italian brand will be the first electric model, which the company says will enter the market in 2025. A hypercar is also planned for this period.

In 2026 only 40 percent of all Ferraris will have a pure combustion engine, 55 percent will be hybrid and the remaining 5 percent will be. electric cars to be By 2030, the ratio will change dramatically: Then only 20 percent of cars will have internal combustion engines, while 40 percent will be hybrids and the remaining 40 percent will be purely electric vehicles. For comparison: In 2021, 80 percent of all vehicles delivered were pure combustion engines, the remaining 20 percent were hybrids.

The company will not be offering what it calls ‘electric motors’, as these will be designed and built in-house in Maranello. Main models – including SUVs – will account for about 85 percent of all sales, with the remaining 10 percent coming from limited edition models (eg the 812 Competizione) and 5 percent from the Icona series (eg the Daytona SP3) and the successor to the LaFerrari.

As for motorsport, there was a preview of the Ferrari Le Mans Daytona prototype, which will enter testing in the coming weeks. It is unclear if the hypercar will have anything to do with the LMDh program and/or Formula 1, but we do know the car has big shoes to fill considering it will be the successor to the LaFerrari.

During the same Capital Markets Day, Ferrari also made a bold commitment to achieve carbon neutrality in its factories by the end of the decade. Meanwhile, an Italian reforestation project called “Bosco Ferrari” is launched to clean up the local environment.

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