Ferrari decides to fire Binotto and wants Alfa Romeo boss in F1 – Formula 1 News

Ferrari decides to fire Binotto and wants Alfa Romeo boss in F1 – Formula 1 News

One day after the news spread that Ferrari reads the departure of the current team leader, Mattia Binottoitalian sports magazine – La Gazzetta dello Sport – stuck it Frederic Vasseurthe current director of sports management at Alfa Romeowill take over the team in 2023.

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In this year’s European summer, the president of Ferrari, John Elkann, began evaluating options for Binotto’s place. Vasseur was pleased from the start of the ‘selection process’; good relationship with senior management Stellantis – one of the largest car manufacturing groups in the world – built over many years of management Sauber, helped the Frenchman stand out. His resume in motorsport and his management style are also important factors, from the point of view of the Italian team.

Second La Gazzetta dello SportBinotto is paying the price for Ferrari’s lack of competition since 2019. For one reason or another, the Italian team has been consistently losing all season, ever since Mattia was promoted to team boss following the departure of Maurizio Arrivabene.

Mattia Binotto may have his days numbered in the Italian team (Photo: Scuderia Ferrari Press Office)

There is, yes, some credit for Ferrari returning to the front pack after two difficult years. But the mistakes of strategy and the consequent confusion in the leadership of the team weigh more in the balance.

Ferrari’s 2019 technical scandal also emerged under Binotto’s tenure. That season, Ferrari’s power unit looked invincible, with straight-line speed outstripping the other teams. THE Red Bull he was the first to raise suspicions of illegality in the Italian engine, pointing his accusations at the flow of oil. THE Mercedes, an obvious stakeholder, soon joined the protest. THE FIA (International Automobile Federation), then, decided the Italian team’s system, which pushed electric waves that interfered with the flow of water, to be illegal – on the grounds that the advantage obtained was not in accordance with the technical regulations.

Behind the scenes, the control board and the Italian team signed a kind of secret agreement. But without ‘picking’, peppering the engine, Ferrari faced severe technical consequences in 2020 and 2021. All this situation also weighs against Binotto.

The Ferrari engine in 2019 had some extra ingredients… (Photo: Ferrari)

Finally, dissatisfaction Charles Leclerc and the team leader is also a factor. The relationship between the two had conflict from British GP this year, when the 25-year-old driver failed to win after a bad strategic choice by the team, which ended up taking the Monegasque even from the podium. At that time, Leclerc was 49 points behind Max Verstappen in the championship race. A light dinner was held inside Monte Carlo a short time later, but it was not enough to restore the relationship.

Last Monday, a French newspaper AutoHebdo he said that Binotto’s recent absence from the paddock represents a sign of his departure. According to the publication, sources close to Maranello claim that the time is no longer for negotiations, but for separation. Mattia has been with Ferrari since 1995, initially in the engine area.

The Italian team occupies second place in the 2022 Constructors’ Championship, with a 19-point advantage over Mercedes before the final race, in Abu Dhabi. The team has won four times – three with Leclerc, and once with Carlos Sainz.

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