“Ferrari discrimination” will not stop the Italian brand.  It will also produce electric cars

“Ferrari discrimination” will not stop the Italian brand. It will also produce electric cars

The echoes of the redundancies introduced by the European Commission have not yet subsided, and there have already been reports of exceptional treatment of some manufacturers. This exception is colloquially known as the “Ferrari exception” as it refers to exclusive cars produced in limited series. In short – their manufacturers do not have to abandon combustion engines as quickly as companies that produce many cars. The cleaners, who carry gasoline in their blood, breathed a sigh of relief. Until now.

As he learned from an anonymous source related to the Bloomberg brand portal, Ferrari bought a plot of land near its current factory. The information provided on the website indicates that it is quite possible that the brand will want to build a third production line here, which should be dedicated to hybrid and electric vehicles. In addition, a research and development center dealing with the technology of traction batteries and accumulators will be established in the new hall.

How much truth is there in these statements? We will probably know the answer to this question on Thursday, June 1, during the long-awaited press conference of the brand, during which the management of Ferrari will announce the development plan for the next four years.

The company’s shares are down 22 percent recently. However, after the publication of unofficial reports on the possibility of power supply, they gained 1.3% in half a day. As market analysts point out, the decline in the value of shares was related to the general trend on the Italian stock market, and the increase can be attributed to the positive reaction of the market to the news that Ferrari, however, will increase or more. to a lesser extent following the current trend of frequency electrification.

According to more unofficial information, we can expect the first electric model from Maranello in 2025. According to subsequent comments from market analysts, it is true that it will require a lot of effort and resources from the brand, but considering the global situation, steps like that cannot be defeated and will positively affect the image, profit. and company evaluation.