Ferrari F1 seeks reliability: “But with Red Bull they are also at the limit”

Ferrari F1 seeks reliability: “But with Red Bull they are also at the limit”

Ferrari has a serious trust problem. According to Robert Doornbos, the team does not have much freedom in terms of engines. There is no room left for problems or mistakes. However, Red Bull doesn’t have much room for error either.

Charles Leclerc he stopped working in Spain and Baku with engine problems, while too Carlos Sainz he has gone down three times this season. It has ensured that Ferrari’s good start has disappeared like snow in the sun. Max Verstappen it is now 49 points ahead of Leclerc, while Red Bull is 76 points ahead of Ferrari. The roles have now been reversed, because earlier this season there were concerns about Red Bull’s reliability.


In conversation with Former F1 driver Doornbos says the team is likely to use customer teams such as Haas and Alfa Romeo to test engines, but there is still little room for error. “I also think that the customer teams are used to cross the borders. But if four Italian-made engines fail in one race, like in Baku, then as a Ferrari you have a big problem. I think Ferrari will be there.” “They have done everything they can to be there this year. They are at the limit, but they are also at Red Bull.”

there is no certainty

Verstappen’s streak after the Australian Grand Prix (46 points) disappeared within four races and turned into a 49-point lead within six races. According to Doornbos, this is an example of a lot that can still happen in 2022. “In Formula 1 it can be different every weekend. If Max goes down twice, we’re back to square one. It’s unpredictable. He definitely has a big level. But it’s not over until theoretically you can’t be overtaken again..”