Ferrari F40 crash: the 3 million euro sports car is damaged |  CAR ENGINE AND SPORTS

Ferrari F40 crash: the 3 million euro sports car is damaged | CAR ENGINE AND SPORTS

According to the police report, the super sports car skidded for an unknown reason and first fell on the left side and then on the right wall of the tunnel. A police spokesman: “It is currently unclear whether this was due to a technical fault or excessive speed.” The driver was taken to hospital as a precaution but was not injured. The right and center lanes were to be completely closed until 10:30 to record the accident, recover the sports car, which was not ready to drive, and clear the road.

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F40 crash with extensive property damage

A Ferrari F40 from April 1990 with an odometer reading of 21,000 km was sold on for 2,995,000 euros – the ad has been removed. The model was produced by Mechatronik GmbH in Pleidelsheim, a company for the restoration, maintenance and repair of classic cars. According to the police, property damage amounted to “several hundred thousand euros”. Mechatronik told on Tuesday (April 23, 2024) that it “has not yet been able to give any information about the extent of the damage”. “For this we would rely on the manufacturer’s experts. However, at the moment the damage seems to be under control; we assume serious damage to the body. However, the rims and chassis were also affected somewhere. All in all, it is still a blessing in disguise, said Speaker Pascal Stephan.

There was already an accident involving a Mechatronics customer car in 2013. At that time, the driver lost control of the Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing on a test drive shortly before handing it over to the customer and the model rolled over – the driver was not injured. At that time, the company announced that it would offer professional driving courses to its employees.

According to the company, the driver of the Ferrari F40, a long-time employee, “has completed several driving technique courses” and “qualifies to drive this model,” says Stephan. However, at this point in time you cannot assume that it was a driving fault. “At this stage we would like to emphasize that we stand with our employees. As in football, we are a team and mistakes can happen, I think that is human, although in this case it is a cost, however we will analyze and take the course of the accident carefully “Don’t take the incident lightly ,” Stephan told

The Ferrari F40 was shown on the mechanical stand during the season opener at Motorworld in Böblingen. There was no specific customer appointment or even a commitment to purchase this vehicle.

Ferrari F40 last Enzo development

A total of 1,315 examples of the Ferrari F40 were built, it is not known how many models of the super sports car, which was built between 1987 and 1992, still exist. The name refers to the 40th anniversary of Ferrari and Enzo Ferrari led the development of the project in 1986. It will be the last model developed by Enzo Ferrari. Costing around 440,000 German marks at the time, the F40 was brought to market in different versions. A 2.9 liter V8 biturbo with 478 hp works under the hood.

By the way: The accident with the F40 was not the only accident involving Ferrari this weekend. On Friday, a 42-year-old driver lost control of his Ferrari while speeding through the Leutenbach Tunnel in Stuttgart. Stuttgart news to report. An unidentified sports car swerved and left the right lane. He touched the wall of the tunnel at a height of about 100 meters. No one was injured, property damage amounted to about 120,000 euros.

A 24-year-old driver crashed a Ferrari F40 in a tunnel near Stuttgart. Material damage is estimated at several hundred thousand euros. The famous high-performance sports car was supposed to be sold for about three million euros.