Ferrari finally ahead of Red Bull.  Leclerc wants to end Verstappen’s streak

Ferrari finally ahead of Red Bull. Leclerc wants to end Verstappen’s streak

Charles Leclerc took the lead in the Italian GP, ​​which is a “big surprise” for Monaco. Ferrari is hoping to win at home, but Max Verstappen will not agree to leave. The goal of the Dutchman is to win again.

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Charles Leclerc

Press / Ferrari / Photo: Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc was the main candidate for the pole position in the Italian GP, ​​after receiving nine drivers’ fines and suspensions at the start, among others. Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz. However, it was very important for the Ferrari representative to beat Verstappen directly on the track and he did. In Saturday’s time trials, the team leader from Maranello was 0.145 seconds faster than the current world champion.

In doing so, Leclerc broke the streak of Verstappen, who was fastest in F1 qualifying in Belgium and Holland after the summer break. – This pole position is a big surprise, especially after what we experienced at Spa-Francorchamps. I didn’t expect to fight for victory here, so I’m surprised, the 24-year-old admitted to Sky Sports.

– In the first and second practice, we tried many things in the car with Carlos. We found interesting things. We struggled in Belgium, but here we gained some momentum. This shows that we are going in the right direction. I did a lap in qualifying that I’m happy with, added Leclerc.

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The Ferrari leader revealed that he was satisfied with the pace of the race. – Our speed is very fast. Whatever happens on lap one, we have the right pace to win the race. I think we will have a successful Sunday – assessed Monaki.

An engine change penalty will keep Verstappen seventh on Sunday. The Red Bull Racing driver thinks he can still challenge Leclerc to win the Italian GP. – I think we have a high speed compared to other cars. Ferrari is a bit faster in the series, said the Dutchman after qualifying.

– I hope to be able to overtake my opponents very quickly. If I get close to Charles, there will be more battles. Then we have to rely on the fact that we have better balance in the corners. We added a little more power compared to our opponents. My race sim on Friday was great and looks good to us. I think we have a good chance of the final success – added Verstappen.

Leclerc’s possible victory in the Italian GP will not change the situation in the F1 world championship significantly. Verstappen has won four races in a row and is 109 points ahead of his main rival. Already in October, the Dutch driver can defend the title.

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