Ferrari, is there a small bell on the new car?  This is how it is

Ferrari, is there a small bell on the new car? This is how it is

The new Ferrari 499P is undergoing various endurance tests, but one fact stands out that could give it a slight disadvantage at Le Mans.

Work continues at Ferrari on the development of the 499P, a hypercar designed for a great return to the 24 hours of Le Mans and in the world championship of endurance., which will open the dance on March 17 with the Sebring Mille Miglia. The car, presented as part of the Finali Mondiali last October 29, started running in July with a shock on the Fiorano track, and then added tests first at Imola and then at Monza.

Ferrari and work on 499P (Adobe Stock)

A few weeks ago the two crews that will take part in the track were announced, noting that there will be two 499Ps initially. Number 50 was assigned Nicklas Nielsen, Anthony Moto And Miguel Molinathree talented young people who want to do well.

The latter two are already very close after recently racing together in the AF Corse 488 GTE in the FIA ​​WEC, concluded last year with a resounding victory at the Bahrain 8 Hours. Number 51 will be assigned Alessandro Pier Guidi And James Caladothe three-time GTE PRO world champions in 2017, 2021 and 2022 with the aforementioned 488 GTE, which were now one.

It was impossible to imagine the crew without these two great talents from the world of endurance racing, and with them. there will be ours too Antonio Giovinazziwho after seeing the possibility of returning to F1 for 2023 disappear, has found refuge in a unique program that promises to make fans dream.

Antonio made his debut in this car in several tests held in Vallelunga a few days before Christmas, convincing Antonello Coletta. and the entire GT Racing department of Ferrari led by him. The native of Martina Franca will compete this year His second 24 Hours of Le Mans, as he had already participated in 2018 again with AF Corse in the GTE PRO class, showing some very interesting things.

Thinking that you can win will certainly not be a joke, given the strength and amount of competition that will have to be faced. There Toyota is the favorite, having the GR010 car that has already been tested and that made its debut in 2021, winning two titles in two years of the world championship of endurance and many editions of the 24 hours of Le Mans.

In these days, in Maranello it will be important to follow the evolution of the 24 Hours of Daytona very carefully, where the other two future rivals of Red will do first, that is. Cadillacs V-LMDh and Porsche 963. All, in last Sunday’s primary, were beaten by Edited Type S, but the race promises spark and the German cars already seem to be in good shape, as this is their first ever appearance at the American round.

Ferrari, Andrea Adamo highlights an interesting fact

After testing on European tracks, Ferrari has now brought the 499P to test at the Sebring track., in preparation for the Mille Miglia which is now expected in a month and a half. La Rossa aims to accumulate kilometers and experience, given that there were problems related to reliability in Aragon a few weeks ago, as is normal given that this is a completely new project.

The world endurance championship consists of seven races, but the most important is the 24 hours of Le Mans. In this regard, what the engineer said is interesting Andrew Adamwho’s on the mic”“has announced:”Peugeot, for example, is designed more for the Le Mans track, while Ferrari is for the world championship of endurance.“.

This sentence does not mean that 499P will not be in the game in the French marathon, but it shows that it is perhaps a more balanced car than Peugeot. The 9X8, which made its debut at the Monza 6 Hours last year, is a strong car, designed without a rear wing, and this leads one to think that the engineers designed it above all for the long Le Mans series.

Reliability, already mentioned above, will be the secret that can make the difference. There Porsche The 963 is the car that has traveled the most kilometers in its development phase, and now it will be in front of a good test bench at the 24 Hours of Daytona, as it will be. Cadillacs who wants to fight.

Of course, we are approaching a season of endurance that has few people to match before, and that will keep viewers glued to the television. The beginning of the championship is very close, and as an attraction, after a few hours, you can not miss the usual game of Florida, which many want to go home.

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