Ferrari open on Charles Leclerc’s driving style: “Don’t want him to change anything”

Ferrari open on Charles Leclerc’s driving style: “Don’t want him to change anything”

Ferrari racing director Laurent Mekies explains that the Italian team does not want Charles Leclerc to change his driving style, despite recent mistakes on the track. The Monegasque must make up a 63-point gap to Max Verstappen in the last ten races of the year.

The Ferrari driver can challenge for the world title for the first time in his Formula 1 career this year. He has made several mistakes under pressure this season. Earlier this year a furious Leclerc at Imola was a little too keen, causing him to plunge into the Italian track and lose a key position on the track. Last weekend, 24-year-old Leclerc smelled an opportunity at the Circuit Paul Ricard, but Monegasque also lost important points there.

Strike rate

Asked how Ferrari could help Leclerc reduce mistakes without sacrificing speed, Mekies wondered why the Scuderia would want to take such a step. “He’s shown good speed this year and you don’t want to spoil that aspect and Charles doesn’t need us as a great driver to correct him and see where he needs to improve,” Mekies said. In addition, the Frenchman reveals that the team is looking at what is called ‘strike rate’. “We look at how you do things well compared to what you don’t do, and his strike rate this year has been really impressive,” said Ferrari’s deputy team principal. Conclusion according to Mekies: “We don’t want him to change anything.”

‘Painful limitations’

Not only have there been several disappointments on Leclerc’s side, teammate Carlos Sainz has had a flawless season, although he has been better in recent games. “With these two guys we’ve had some really high levels this season, but we’ve also had some lows,” he admits. There’s occasionally a lot of chatter on the onboard radio, but according to Mekies that has to be put into perspective. “During the battle you can hear them running at the speed of their heartbeats. But when they get out of the car and analyze everything, they go back to analytical mode and show a little emotion in a bad way,” praises the two drivers. .