Ferrari Purosangue is his work.  Flavio Manzoni reveals how the first such model in the brand’s history was created

Ferrari Purosangue is his work. Flavio Manzoni reveals how the first such model in the brand’s history was created

MATEUSZ ŻUCHOWSKI • 13 minutes ago

Purosangue is the first SUV in the long history of the world sports car manufacturer. His creation was an incredible challenge, and perhaps the greatest for the man who created his body. The head of design at Ferrari told me about how this model was developed – and why it doesn’t have a towbar.

Ferrari Purosangue and its designer Flavio Manzoni

Ferrari Purosangue and its designer Flavio Manzoni (photo by Ferrari)

For me, these would be the carbon rim around the braces. It is a good patent. Some affordable SUVs on the market are already big enough that no matter how silly the wheels you don’t put them on, they’ll look sluggish and flimsy. In Purosangue it may also be so, even in spite of the presence of a 23-inch margin.

Those “two-row” plots, however, made the wheels look bigger, and the painted flat surfaces became smaller, so that the first SUV from Maranello doesn’t look much like an SUV. It looks like a new type of Ferrari, with emphasis Ferrari.

There are more such details of the same type. Like the front lights, which are not lights at all, but air intakes, because the main lights have been moved down and hidden in the bumper. Or the rear window, which is cleverly curved behind the spoiler lip on the tailgate to significantly improve the aerodynamics of this area of ​​the body without disturbing the quiet lines.

However, it is this patent surrounding the guards that shows just how incredibly talented designer Flavio Manzoni, Ferrari’s creative chief, is. Many companies have been producing SUVs for many years, theirs was one of the last as it had never had a model of this type in its offer before. And yet, whenever he comes to tackle this subject, he does so creatively and exemplary.

I have had the opportunity to see the extent of Manzoni’s talent many times, also during an interview conducted a few years ago on the Ferrari 812 Superfast. This time, aware of his extraordinary view of the automotive industry, including SUVs, but also Ferrari itself, I start with an unusual question.

Ferrari Pureblood (2023)

Mateusz Żuchowski, Autokult: Why isn’t Ferrari red?

Flavio Manzoni, Vice President of Ferrari Design: The Ferrari range can be divided into two types: extreme sports models and gran turismo. We present the first in red, the second in silver. This lacquer shows well how we treat their bodies: like metal sculptures. In addition, the silver highlights the different elements of the carbon fiber body used in this project.

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M.Ż .: Purosangue is a slightly different type of car than the original Gran Turismo from the brand …

FM: Purosangue has a new body type. Several very efficient models from sports car manufacturers have already appeared on the market, some of them even have powerful engines. However, they all started their lives as SUVs, which the manufacturer raised to a certain level of performance. Our strategy to create Purosangue was the exact opposite: we took a sporty Ferrari and developed it in the fields of comfort and performance. This is important for how the model looks, how it sits inside (like the GT agile) and how it performs on the road.

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M.Ż .: I find it interesting because Purosangue is conceptually new, but in terms of design it clearly refers to other Ferrari models. The taillights look alive to me from the 296 GTB, and the diffuser below – taken from Rome. The headlight design is for me a quote from the SF90 Stradale. Your team usually reinvents the styling language with each new model, with the Purosangue looking like a bunch of existing Ferrari cars. I see a clever logic in this, according to which you wanted to emphasize the fact that it is a complete product of this desired product with the help of the external appearance of this example.

FM: I dare you to disagree. In my opinion, the design of the car is very original. Indeed, we have no such thing as “Ferrari style language”. However, we have a resource that I would call the “Ferrari Style Lexicon”. So we repeat certain details or motifs that combine different models from our range. However, it serves the brand recognition itself, and does not work for the image of individual products.

There are also many innovative creative elements in Purosangue. The lines at the front that remind you of the lights on the SF90 Stradale here are actually air intakes leading to the engine and brake area. Since the Purosangue is higher than our other models in the range, we decided to move the actual lamp down. Here they are hidden in the front bumper grills so that they are at the same height as on other Ferraris. This solution has benefited not only aesthetics, but also aerodynamics, which confirms the deep relationship between the design and engineering departments at Ferrari.

Ferrari Pureblood (2023)

M.Ż .: Purosangue is really big, but still four people. Was the condition of the five-person model considered?

FM: We had many such conversations and chose the four-person variant for two reasons. First, we wanted to remain consistent as a brand. This is a sports Ferrari, which means that whoever sits inside, whether in the front or the back, should feel like they are traveling in a sports Ferrari. This feeling can only be achieved in the back if we use two individual seats, similar to those in front. A three-seater sofa can only spoil this environment. There is another, engineering reason: with the bed, the gearbox, which here is mounted on the rear axle in a transaxle arrangement, will not fit.

Ferrari Pureblood (2023)

M.Ż .: One of the most interesting stylistic solutions used in Purosangue is the opening of the back door opposite to the front one, in the so-called “wind” arrangement. What is the motivation for using this solution?

FM: We had a long conversation about that too. How does Purosangue handle the tailgate layout to increase cabin width and improve rear seat access while maintaining a small wheelbase? We wanted to avoid long rear doors that would reduce the stiffness of the chassis and thus the dynamic properties of the whole structure.

We were looking for something unprecedented and this is how we achieved the effect we can see today. Not only would a regular rear door look too casual, but it would also spoil the panoramic effect we get here by opening the front and rear doors on one side at the same time. Despite this, we have maintained a very high rigidity of the chassis: suffice it to say that it has 30 percent. greater resistance to torsion and 25 percent. bending properties than its counterpart in the two-door GTC4Lusso, and the new design is lighter.

Ferrari Pureblood (2023)

M.Z. The Purosangue is the next logical step for me after the GTC4Lusso, which was good but with a few compromises. One of them was the lack of a second pair of doors, and the other was the lack of any ability after leaving the asphalt, which could be a certain difficulty, for example, if you want to go skiing with the car. Does Purosangue have more power compared to it? For example, does it have other covers on the bottom like an SUV?

FM: Purosangue is designed to be used on asphalt roads to achieve maximum driving excitement and performance. You can take it off the pavement, but it will still be a sporty Ferrari. There is a ground clearance of 18.5 cm, there is a four-wheel drive, as well as a four-wheel drive system, Hill Descent Control, a large program that controls the traction of each wheel … But all these solutions serve to control. driving in a specific way. For example in heavy rain or even in deep snow. But not under conditions that would require a skid plate to be inserted.

M.Ż .: And why can’t we find the towbar even in the list of options?

FM: The Purosangue was not designed in a way that would allow the installation of a towbar, if only because the fact that it allows driving with a trailer would significantly reduce the driving characteristics that a real Ferrari should exhibit. Instead, we have developed many devices that allow the transport of, for example, bicycles or skis.

Ferrari Pureblood (2023)

M.Ż .: How long have your customers been asking you for this type of model?

FM: It has been for many years. We have already tried to answer these requests with our previous models 2 + 2, which met our performance expectations, but the access to the rear seats was, however, difficult. In recent years, however, we have found new technologies of production and material composition, and especially special engineering solutions, such as a new type of suspension with the ability to adjust the lateral tilt, which allowed us to create a Ferrari with four doors, raised . with a mastery that is most worthy of this badge.

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