Ferrari Purosangue: the first SUV from Maranello

Ferrari Purosangue: the first SUV from Maranello

Ferrari had long refused to have its own SUV, but now the Italians present the first four doors in the history of the company. When it comes to driving, however, the Purosangue is traditional. First dates and pictures.

  • Four seats and a naturally aspirated twelve-cylinder engine

  • 725 hp and all-wheel drive

  • Price from 300,000 euros upwards?

Is it the final betrayal of Enzo Ferrari’s ideals or the dawn of a bright future? As one of the last manufacturers of fast luxury cars is now also using Ferrari on SUVWave and send the Purosangue to the race against competitors such as Lamborghini Urus, Aston Martin DBX and, to some extent, also against Bentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan with an estimate of around 300,000 euros.

With that, bends A traditional brand from Maranello but another direction that he was able to resist for a long time. After all, company founder Enzo Ferrari only got involved in serial car building because he had to finance his racing cars. And later, Sergio Marchionne would prefer to be “shot” himself than to fly such a car. But Enzo Ferrari, like Marchionne, is history – and the fight against SUVs and creeping horses (“Cavallino Rampante”) is lost. After all, the demand for SUVs is not broken all over the world, and in China in particular, the nouveau riche desire the status of a Ferrari without having to immediately step into a sports car.

Ferrari SUV “Purosangue” in the photo

But don’t worry: because Marchionne’s warning spirit can still hover over the project a little, the Italians promise skeptical customers a car without compromise, given only the name. “Purosangue” should mean breaking the taboo – pure blood. And now that Ferrari has finally lifted the lid on the alleged ban after years of early announcements, there’s no doubt about it. Because he really sees that and his 4,97 meters almost a short SUV looks like a sports car on a pole, quotes Roma on the face, 812 on the side and GTC Lusso from the back – and it has a little more. two tons almost light for this class.

Ferrari Purosangue: Doors like in Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Clou for fellow passengers: The rear doors of the Ferrari Purosangue open in different directions ©Ferrari

Although Ferrari is not the first, but one of the last riders on this wave. But instead of imitating the competition, the Italians have come up with something new and opposite doors it is set up in a way that is otherwise only available in the Rolls-Royce Cullinan – with fully electric rear-mounted handlebars. They pave the way for the most spacious Ferrari interior ever built. The front is dominated by scoops in the cockpit for the driver and front passenger, there is always one behind. two individual seatsand the trunk is not only large, but can also be extended for the first time by folding the back.

Because the SUV itself is heavy fare for real Ferraristi, they don’t quite end the trip in Maranello. While Lotus – so far in a different league, but equally focused on pure doctrine – has also presented its first SUV and also dares to take the step of electronic mobility, Ferrari therefore drives in the traditional way you can. you can imagine from Maranello: one V12naturally desired. This puts the latecomer at the head of the field. Because the main competitor Lamborghini has to follow corporate planning and does not get its twelve-cylinder under the hood of the Urus, Bentley is slowly saying goodbye to the W12, at least for Europe, and the hijacked Rolls-Royce may miss out. to be a true competitor after all.

Ferrari does not compromise on performance

Ferrari’s first SUV has all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering ©Ferrari

Lest there be any doubt, Ferrari also goes to a higher level when it comes to performance and pleases a 6.5 liter engine with a dual-gearbox mounted on the rear axle. 725 hp and 716 Nm outside – these are performance data that no other SUV in this league has to offer. Driving performance is equally exceptional: For racing value of 3,3 seconds to 100 km/H with a top speed of over 310 km/h no one steals the show from the latecomer. The Purosangue’s performance is on par with that of a premium sports car, but it should drive as smoothly as a Fiat Punto. It’s not free all wheels and not even one all wheel steering.

Ferrari is expanding its brand significantly with the Purosangue: the SUV it is the first door of the fourth from Maranello and the first car that will go to the shoulders of the drivers. But Italians should not worry about success. Because it doesn’t matter if it’s a Porsche Cayenne, Bentley, Lamborghini, Aston Martin or Rolls-Royce – whatever sports car or luxury car manufacturer you’re looking at: Everywhere at the premiere there was a lot of noise – and the success was even. bigger. Therefore, it cannot be decided that after Ferrari, the last fortress will fall soon and McLaren can also build an SUV. Especially since the British have old Ferraristo as boss.

Text: Thomas Geiger

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