Ferrari: Revolution in Maranello |  07/02/22

Ferrari: Revolution in Maranello | 07/02/22

Benedetto Vigna has been the head of the Italian sports car brand since September. Scuderia released a new luxury SUV. But above all the electronic physicist’s strategy puts stock traders under intense pressure. By Klaus Schinger, Euro on Sunday

Dit worked. The experts, who recently wanted to introduce Ferrari to the concept of free driving, were directly invited by group manager Benedetto Vigna to perform a few rounds on Fiorano’s company circuit and pilot driver. “When they came out, they told me:” Well, Benedetto, our presentation is worthless, “said the general manager recently on the market day of the sports car capital icon from Maranello in northern Italy. One can conclude from this that there will be no Ferraris driving freely in the foreseeable future. “No Ferrari customer will pay for a computer just to be present while driving. The human driver is in the middle,” says Vigna. As a physicist and chip specialist, that boss can probably evaluate the business potential of driver support systems effectively. Ferrari had hunted a general manager from chip company Mic Miceleelecronics.

Vigna should lead a very special car manufacturer, whose brand is almost religious, not just in Italy, in the age of electromobility. That might work, because the plan that the boss recently presented in the capital market also persuaded stock traders: the course accelerated during the presentation.

15 new species by 2026

Vigna is accelerating the transformation of the cultural company: 15 new models, as well as a large car, have been put on the streets for the next four years. By 2026, 60 percent of Ferrari should be operated by electric or hybrid drives. By 2030, only one-fifth will be emitted by an internal combustion engine. To increase new operating capacity, around 4.4 billion euros will be invested in the Maranello factory by 2030.

The 296 GTB model shows how the change of car manufacturer, whose V12 cylinder engines are legendary, can be seen as. Ferrari introduced a hybrid car to its exhibition rooms in the first quarter of 2022.

A luxury sports car with a 2.9 V6 engine costs about 270,000 euros. The 663 hp combustion engine is connected to an electric engine that can provide an additional 167 hp as a performance enhancement.

Purosangue – the perfect species

The first electric Ferrari is scheduled to hit the market in 2025, the first SUV, also with a hybrid car, as early as 2023: Purosangue, Italian for full livestock, is the name of an off-road vehicle from Maranello that was impressively designed. exhibitions in cities.

In 2017, Sergio Marchionne, the then-deceased charity boss, said he would be shot if Ferrari entered the market with an SUV similar to BMW, Bentley or Porsche. Now the luxury Scuderia from northern Italy is also pushing into the lucrative part. In any case there will be military-like SUVs from Maranello. It is said that the filigree line is very important. Soon when Purosangue will be presented in September it will be seen if this is successful.

Success in this fascinating market would help Chef Vigna achieve its highest ROI goals. Vehicles from Maranello are still driven in Form 1 red cow Background competition. But when it comes to profits, Ferrari is on top.

In 2021, a luxury icon among sports car manufacturers brought a good 25 percent operating profit (EBIT). This year it should be around 23 percent. Vigna then aims to get 27 to 30 percent by 2026 – despite the billions invested in the new electric car platform. Unfortunately, that will be a new record for Formula 1 world champion.

Power: Ferrari has a strong brand and is one of the most profitable car manufacturers in the world. Use the price weakness to get started.

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