Ferrari SF90 Spider test, technical data, reviews and specifications XX 4.0 V8 biturbo

Ferrari SF90 Spider test, technical data, reviews and specifications XX 4.0 V8 biturbo

The first with aileron

It is one of the fastest production cars on the planet, it is unique and expensive in equal measure, but, above all, it features concepts that have never been seen in a car. Ferrari series: no SF90 XX Spider will be released solo 599 examples (all already sold) and includes a new way to have fun in the world of Cavallino supercars. Along with the coupĂ© version (SF90 XX Stradale) is the first road Ferrari to be called XX, an initiative that for almost twenty years has brought Maranello’s wealthiest customers to estates and cars built specifically for that way, without restrictions. permits. There Ferrari SF90 XX instead it has stickers, but reinterpreting its philosophy. And so the sin lines of the SF90 Spider that come out are distorted by panel from car body absolutely new (in composite materials) designed to add aerodynamic load which, thanks to the new fixed rear wing (not seen on a road Ferrari since the F50), reaches 530 kg at a speed of 250 km / h.

Style and function

To achieve such results the men of Ferrari have the front trunk was removed (but we don’t miss much, considering that it was small, 74 liters) and rotate the radiator attached to the electrical part of the hybrid system by 180 degrees to create a certain S-shaped duct – called. S-Duct – which channels air from the front towards the top of the car. In this way the hot air coming from the radiator is no longer pushed down and this has made it possible to make the system even more efficient. below of a car, almost entirely it is closed. We also get new aerodynamic elements in the wheel arches with extractors to move the “turbulent” air trapped in the wheel area, while, at the back,aileron action it is included with that of the closing gurney: it is a mobile element in the upper part of the tail that raises and lowers depending on whether it is necessary to increase the aerodynamic load or to reduce the time of travel in a straight line. high speed.

How it has changed

From an aesthetic point of view, Ferrari SF90 XX Spider it also offers a unique design to the rear where instead of the SF90 Spider’s four headlights there is a slim LED light that also acts as a brake light and, a little lower at the ends, as a direction indicator. LInterior matters, “clear”: to save weight, all unnecessary covers have been removed and the carbon shell seats are a new design and even lighter (1.5 kg less per seat) than the previous ones. Storage is almost non-existent, it is limited to a cup holder in the middle and a small pocket between the rear parts: it is clearly not a car designed for trips, even short ones, but for pure driving pleasure. As for technology, we find, as in the outgoing car, a large digital dashboard that can be configured via touch controls on the steering wheel speakers and a small screen in the middle directed at the passenger. All the most important functions are there, but not the most intuitive systems to connect to.

Fewer horses

But let’s get to the mechanical part Ferrari SF90 XX Spiderbecause even under the bodywork there are several new features: the power of the hybrid system has increased slightly, which can now account for more than 30 horsepower (1030 in total): 17 come from the modified biturbo V8 with new pistons and a new profile for the chambers of combustion, 13 from the electrical part (updated in software) that includes three electric motors, one placed between the eight cylinders and a two-speed two-clutch gearbox, the other two at the front to provide thrust to the front wheels. Needless to say, speed up they remove literally breath: 2.3 seconds are enough to run from 0 to 100 km/h and only 6.7 seconds to reach 200 km/h. The maximum speed is 320 km / h, slightly lower than that of the “normal” SF90 Spider due to new aerodynamic attachments.

A special calibrationthen, it was also allocated for steering and transmission, while electronically controlled shock absorbers are specific to this application. As for the hybrid part, the Ferrari SF90 XX Spider works in the same way as the SF90 Spider: thanks to the 7.9 kWh battery placed behind the seats, you can travel up to 25 km with zero emissions (with front wheel drive, because in electric mode only two front motors work). The battery is recharged from the hole on the side of the fuel cap, but the fastest way to bring it back to 100% is not to plug it in, but to drive the car at high speed in the most sporty driving modes, where between the reset point and the of V8 there is no risk of running out of power.

What a stop!

But how does all this innovation translate to the driving experience? Accelerate aside, get behind the wheel Ferrari SF90 XX Spider you immediately have the feeling of driving a car closer to the world of racing than that of ordinary street cars. You can hear almost everything, from the slightest bump in the road to the sound of small pebbles hitting the ground, while as soon as you turn up the volume further, the sound of the eight cylinder and the sound of the turbocharger intake appear. by force.

When straights give way to curves, Ferrari SF90 XX Spider a surprise from every point of view, starting from the suspension: because despite being very stiff (roll is reduced by 10% compared to the SF90 Spider) and designed for use on the track, they can absorb all road bumps well. surface without causing the car to be damaged even when there are big stresses. And so you can press the gas pedal with more confidence, being sure that you will not find yourself having to deal with sudden “backslides”. The characteristic of this behavior, of course, also goes to the electronic equipment that determines how much power to give you at any time in a very fluid way and never with a sudden reduction in torque.

You can also brake when cornering

Compared to the outgoing car, the feel of the brake pedal also improves: the carbon-ceramic system, derived from the cars that compete in the Ferrari Challenge one-of-a-kind competition, stops this big car “on a napkin”, but for hours. At the same time it is well adapted and thanks to the proprietary “Abs Evo” anti-lock system (which predictably manages the grip of the discs on the individual wheels) it is possible to use the brakes when entering the bend, ensuring a strong feeling. of stability even when approaching the limit. The steering is very precise, a little less responsive than some of Cavallino’s recent controls, but it’s designed for the high-speed driving that this one is capable of. Ferrari SF90 XX Spider.

It will go down in history

The best technology available today in one Ferrari available on this SF90 XX Spider and the result is fun: despite the technical complexity of a car powered by four engines, the result is a satisfying and even easy car, once you get used to the great power available under your right foot. And even in this variant of the spider (a carbon roof that folds in just 14 seconds up to 45 km / h) there is no lack of rigidity. Defect? It is difficult to find, if not for the obvious ones of such a large car, such as the lack of space for things and luggage and noise. A special car that costs a lot, but with some value to the future collector.