Ferrari upset the other F1 teams.  In their opinion, the Italians broke the rules

Ferrari upset the other F1 teams. In their opinion, the Italians broke the rules

Like every year, Pirelli invites teams System 1 to test the tires that will be considered in the next season. Since 2022, drivers have been using the minimum 18-inch tires – until now the teams have used 13-inch tires. He has already tested the tires for the new season Robert Kubicawho drove an Alfa Romeo at Imola at the end of April and a total of one hundred rounds. Ferrari had a tire test last week.

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The teams suspect Ferrari of breaking the rules. They are demanding answers from the FIA

Ferrari tested 18-inch tires for the 2023 season at Imola last week. It was not without argumentsbecause some team saw that car Carlos Sainz he had a completely different floor plan than he had on his car Charles Leclerc. Although FIA gave Ferrari permission to test, with McLaren demanding clarity in the regulations. – I heard there was an old floor on Sainz’s car, maybe it was. If so, then let it be FIA it will show the team and give us confidence that everything is managed properly – said Zak Brown, the boss McLaren.

– Not long ago, we had a situation with an engine breakdown, where we received quite a large fine. We still don’t know what happened at that time, adds Brown. – I wouldn’t point the finger at the guilty yet, because I don’t know the details and it would be unfair. But in the end, we all expect transparency. We need to know if something is wrong or if everything is fine, adds Laurent Rossi, CEO Alpine.

In 2019, the entire paddock Formula 1 he was the opposite Ferrari because of the car scandal. The team from Maranello reached a settlement with the FIA, which allowed them not to build the engine from scratch, and therefore they could temporarily reduce fuel flow and have more power, which made them unopposed on the straights.