Ferrari video shows how Hamilton is still dealing with Verstappen’s Silverstone crash

Ferrari video shows how Hamilton is still dealing with Verstappen’s Silverstone crash

Ewan Gale and Brian van Hinthum

Lewis Hamilton still hasn’t forgotten the world-famous accident he had at the Silverstone circuit in 2021 with Max Verstappen. In a video from Ferrari, the microphone picks up the Briton in conversation with Charles Leclerc and it can be heard that Hamilton was afraid of a repeat during the final version.

The crash between Verstappen and Hamilton during the British Grand Prix caused a major shock wave in Formula 1 and a turning point in the battle for the world title. Hamilton did not leave a chance for Verstappen in the Copse corner, as a result he hit the wheel of the Red Bull and Verstappen hit the gravel towards the wall at high speed. With a strong blow of 51G, the future world champion ended up against the wall, after which he ended up in the hospital for examination, and reached the lucky conclusion that he was not injured.

The last step in the world championship

Hamilton was able to continue his journey and win the race. The Briton kept his time and despite Verstappen’s fatal crash, he celebrated the win on his home circuit with joy. The whole soap opera surrounding the meeting of the two candidates for the championship caused a division between the two masters and between the supporters of both camps. For the rest of the season, the pair did not give each other an inch, which also led to crashes at Monza and Jeddah.

Hamilton is still thinking about the accident

During the 2022 edition, Leclerc managed to safely pass the Briton on the outside, after which Verstappen joked that Hamilton, at 37, was still learning how to corner. In Complete SF Access to Ferrari now it can be heard how Hamilton, in a conversation with Leclerc, still turned out to have Verstappen’s accident in the back of his mind. “I was like ‘F*ck man, I don’t want to hit you there and take you off the track'”, we hear Brit say. So the accident with Verstappen is still on his mind. A short clip can be heard in the video below from 2:09.