FIA opens investigation into Santo Antonio’s Alfa Romeo accident in Zhou accident

FIA opens investigation into Santo Antonio’s Alfa Romeo accident in Zhou accident

Guanyu Zhou experienced a terrifying moment at the start of the British Grand Prix, when he saw his car overturn and hit a fence. Now, the FIA ​​​​will investigate the reasons that led to the breakdown at Santo Antônio – which should protect the driver.

The FIA ​​will investigate the cause of Alfa Romeo’s Santo Antônio crash

Photo: AFP / Grand Prix


When an exaggerated number of accidents occur in Formula 1, it is natural for the category to examine the details to study if there is any way to improve the safety of the competitors. And last weekend, the FIA ​​had a full plate with the shocking accident of Guanyu Zhou in the British GP, when the Chinese slipped down the track and was thrown into the fence with force.

Among the many broken parts on Zhou’s car, one of them called attention: the Santo Antônio, which takes place above the driver’s head precisely to prevent the competitor from leaving the pavement, just broke in the Alfa Romeo car. Therefore, the task of saving the Chinese pilot fell to Halo, as he became the last barrier between the ground and Guanyu’s head.

Photos of the car after the accident already showed that the section was opened by the impact, but when watching the videos of the incident more closely after the race, F1 realized that the Santo Antônio was damaged in the first minutes, when Alfa Romeo’s C42 hit the ground .

The photo clearly shows the car being backed up by the light, without Santo Antônio (Photo: Production)

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The FIA’s goal is to better understand the forces that came into play during the crash and what was the critical impact on Santo Antônio just to get into Zhou’s car.

One thing, however, distinguishes the Alfa Romeo piece from the rest of the grid. When creating the C42, it was explained that the car Santo Antônio will be in a “blade design”, a concept that was already adopted by Mercedes in 2010 and Force India in 2011 – but which was not really used after the introduction of the halo. in 2019.

Therefore, one of the objectives of the investigation is also to determine if the concept behind the Santo Antônio of Alfa Romeo cars could have something to do with breaking parts. It is important to say, however, that the team’s car – along with all those competing in the category – passed the FIA ​​impact tests at the beginning of the year.

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