FIA president reinforces support for Andretti and GM on F1 grid

FIA president reinforces support for Andretti and GM on F1 grid

Mohammed Ben Sulayem, president of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), continues to strengthen his support and desire to have Andretti and GM on the grid of Formula 1. The budget, which they already find difficult.

(Photo: FIA)

“I spoke to Mario and Michael Andretti at the Miami race weekend,” he said at the recent Monaco Rally. “We were very clear in our response at the time. We want a manufacturer. We told Andretti to work with one if they were serious. We encouraged them, they succeeded.”

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Recently, Andretti announced a partnership with Cadillac in an attempt to enter F1. The announcement made Ben Sulayem even more excited, but it wasn’t enough to convince teams in the division.

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“How can we say no to someone like GM?” He continued. “We wanted a big manufacturer. You are a. I had a good conversation with the president of GM. He told me that the decision was not his alone. It was the governing body. They sent us a letter. We have three races in the United States. It is a healthy market.”

The leader also emphasized his role within the party: “I was not elected to make money, I was elected to help the sport. I am an elected representative of the sport. We need a strong and fair FIA. Fairness is very important to us.”

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