Fiat 124 Spider.  Enjoy the open in three copies – Oldtimers in Auto Motor Klassiek

Fiat 124 Spider. Enjoy the open in three copies – Oldtimers in Auto Motor Klassiek

In the next edition of Auto Motor Klassiek you will read a beautiful story written by Aart van der Haagen. In it he describes the Fiat 124 Sport Spider from 1971, which was also published in the magazine 27 years ago. And in time you will read the story of father and son Verhaag from Leeuwarden. They have a total of three copies of this beautiful long runner from countless Fiat models, and we took them with us one fine morning to a beautiful spot in Aldtsjerk.

Because that’s what it was. And start with the location: that is Landgoed De Klinze, which is located in a unique corrosion environment. Traditionally, this was the establishment of catering and hotel. Since 2016, the beautiful building (and barns) have been owned by beds expert Meulen en Baarsma, which, among other things, turned Klinze into a pilot hotel and offers beds of all shapes and sizes in stylish theaters. With the cooperation of Dirk van der Meulen, we give a good report.

Proper layout

The Fiat 124 obviously fits very well. The combination of elegant and dynamic lines makes an Italian sports car chic. The design and appearance of this beautiful trio car comes to itself beautifully on the beautiful Frisian property. And that triple is called Spider, not Sport Spider. The years were actually 1974, 1979 and 1981, and all three returned from the United States. That is the country where Spider was built in northern Italy from the model year 1975.

Photographer working with three Spiders

Because of the number of three Spiders, photographer Bart Spijker is more busy than expected, because initially the focus is on the two Spider 124. But in Leeuwarden together we decide to bring the very first Spider out of the Verhaag empire: 1800, and more specifically: that is the Spiderelika that Michel bought. Michel transmitted the virus to his father with this car, and not long after the great Verhaag also chose 124 Spider. Piet has a red CS2 with a lovely 2 liter Lampredi engine and Weber carburetion under the hood. The third is 2000 and injections, from 1981, code name CS0† Just like CS1, this one is in Michel ‘s name and is the only one blessed with automatic transmission. As a guide of his 1800s, it was painted a unique Nero color. So, then you are informed.

Rare layer

Just the prospect of going out with the three Spiders makes it so important. You often see three Fiat 124 Spiders in a row, and the same applies to passers-by who raise their hand and raise their hand. results greet the Spider. I see it from the car I am driving, along with photographer Spijker I find myself directly in the Spider group with three heads. The automatic transmission is connected to a two-liter Lampredi engine that responds favorably and evenly, which adds extraordinary weight to the standard. The combination between the 132 CS3.031 engine and the automatic gearbox is fun. The automatic transmission and engine feel good and match the great feeling already that the Fiat 124 Spider does, regardless of the configuration.

It is built with power

Fiats have an excellent chassis, solid and fully burst. In addition, body construction is particularly rigid for a car with a flexible roof. That gives an extra dimension to the incredible potential of Spider tourism. What helps is that in fact the whole operation is accompanied by a good measure of communication. Operation is top notch in all respects and communicates very well what it does. It can also be run smoothly in all aspects, and executes orders with precision, precision and without delay. The accelerator pedal and engine are compatible, and the same applies to a well-functioning brake system. And what’s right and good: the seats are big, and you sit nice and low in Fiat. The bonus you get as the longest driver is that the foot well extends further forward. The Pininfarina architects adjusted the seating position for that time and we will just say: it is absolutely excellent.

Special experiences and additional dimensions

Higher steering is of course always a special experience, but driving the Fiat 124 Spider provides additional dimension for a fresh touring experience. Regardless of whether it has direct transmission or manual transmission. And that flows more of the wind into your hair and the incredible sound of the engine embracing you more vividly. Spiders show by day why this car was a model for every competitor locally and abroad. Regardless of the engine (and certainly with the four-cylinder Lampredi twin cameras), each Spider proves its own characteristics. They are at a very high level.

But first… in AMK 7-2022

You are owed a report by a father and son Verhaag and three spiders. Because as it was said: in AMK 7-2022 you can read a story about the Fiat 124 Spider BS1 that returns to the magazine years later. And rest assured that Aart van der Haagen’s cover story will be very good. Would you like to know what to expect in the next edition of Auto Motor Klassiek? Then go to the preview of the July issue.

Many thanks for:

Dirk van der Meulen van Meulen & Baarsma
Piet and Michel Verhaag

Bart Spijker

Three Fiat 124 spiders in front of the Meulen & Baarsma luxury building. In the middle of 2000 red by Piet Verhaag, both Spiders and Michel Verhaag, with a guide 1800 on the left and a 2000 needle with a direct transmission on the right. © Bart Spijker
Fiat 124 Spider.  Enjoy in three copies
It fits very well in this chic layout. © Bart Spijker
Fiat 124 Spider.  Enjoy in three copies
Engine selection, and trunk lock. Special solution. © Bart Spijker
Fiat 124 Spider.  Enjoy in three copies
Spider can also handle it well, with a 1.8 Lampredi engine. © Bart Spijker
Fiat 124 Spider.  Enjoy in three copies
Front front of Piet’s Fiat 124 Spider 2000, by far Fiat 124 CS1 Spiderelika with 1.8 engine and Michel.
© Bart Spijker
Fiat 124 Spider.  Enjoy in three copies
It is a celebration to photograph Fiats in an arrangement like this
Fiat 124 Spider.  Enjoy in three copies
Open twice, close once. Fiats are photographic
Fiat 124 Spider.  Enjoy in three copies
Now viewed from behind, the three also showcased its elegant play. The V shape on the back was designed by Tom Tjaarda.
Fiat 124 Spider.  Enjoy in three copies
Lovely interiors where two adults are in a beautiful place