Fiat 126p |  Motofacts

Fiat 126p | Motofacts

Forty years have passed, like one day … “Child” has a birthday. He is enduring the midlife crisis with dignity, and his standards are rising. Recently discovered in Piotrków Trybunalski, a brand new small Fiat from 1979 in the color “Bahama yellow” with a mileage of over 100 km reached the price of a billion zlotys at an online auction!

The bid was considered a joke and the auction ended. The car was not sold. However, the truth is that it is beautiful, well preserved

Fiacik red,
the engineer’s pet
Karwowski. Explanation
success in fashion
found the Polish 1970s
in the song
implemented by
Izabela Trojanowska:
“Let’s say yes, to
eight years old, address in the block
and small Fiat ”Photo: Fiat

“Baby” is no longer a cheap car for novice drivers. Early examples are adventures. more valuable as a copy close to the original is a rarity.

That is the fate of famous cars. On November 9, 1972, in Plac Defilad in Warsaw, the leaders showed the “little” Poles for the first time. Less than a month earlier, the Fiat 126 made its debut at the Turin motor show. Journalists liked the modern exterior and functional, roomy interior for the car’s class.

The license agreement for the production of Fiacik nad Wisłą was signed a year earlier, on October 29, 1971. The small car was a gift to the citizens from Edward Gierek and his team. A sign of the loosening of strict “country work” laws. Now you can also work for yourself and buy a Polish “people’s car” – for only 69 thousand. zlotys. The average monthly salary was 2.5 thousand PLN.