Fiat 500: buy a used car |

Fiat 500: buy a used car |

Fiat 500 is Italian with retro design. It has been around since 2007 and has gained a huge fan community. However, its technology is not without problems, which is especially important when buying a used car.

positive Successful retro design, cheap replaceable version, safe handling, possible
negative Problems with technology and stability, little space, feeling of spongy operation

The Fiat 500 is based on the latest Panda technology as an accessible used car with a 1950s look. This brings many advantages, such as a cheap one-part policy, but also problems: The small car suffers from the same diseases as the Panda – that is, above all due to lack of reliability. When it comes to engines, two-cylinder petrol engines with 86 and 105 hp (63 and 77 kW) are available. The small 0.9-liter turbocharged engine handles city traffic with ease, only at high speeds does it become sluggish. But Fiat also has a 1.2-liter four-cylinder with 69 hp (51 kW, also available in LPG version), as well as Abarth sports variants (135-190 hp, 99-140 kW) and 0.9-liter. – Natural gas model (85 HP/63 kW) in the program. The 1.0 liter with hybrid technology (70 hp/51 kW) and the new electric generation is completely new. A set of four seats offers acceptable space in the front, but is cramped in the back. The trunk also holds only 185 to 610 liters. The front seats are set very high and offer very little support. The convertible version 500C is popular. A large folding roof provides fresh air here. Disadvantages: You have to accept the limitations in the layout of the room and the view of all sides. If you want to buy a Fiat 500 as a used car, you should consider that the technologically advanced hatchbacks of the Punto 500L and 500X offer more space. The latter is also available with an optional four-wheel drive. Also interesting: Tips for our products on Amazon

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Buy a Fiat 500 as a used car

Well-maintained Fiat 500 models still look as passable as a used car years later. But that is not a rule: you can see the daily use of 500 years very clearly. The interior turns out to be not very durable. In addition, dirty upholstery and carpets are difficult to clean. When buying a used car, you should make sure that ESP is on board, because this was not always common. If the worst comes to the worst, seven airbags protect the occupants. In contrast, modern driver assistance systems are not available. Fiat only got three stars in the Euro NCAP crash test. The chassis is well sealed and therefore transfers bumps on the road to the interior in an imperceptible way. The Fiat 500’s low feedback drive has a smooth city mode, adjustable for city traffic.

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