Fiat 600 E from 1973 by Egbert Jan – Oldtimers in Auto Motor Klassiek

Fiat 600 E from 1973 by Egbert Jan – Oldtimers in Auto Motor Klassiek

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Anyone with knowledge of the classic world knows: 600 is Fiat. He has a charm of southern temperament. You bring the world to you in Fiat 600!

By: Dirk de Jong

Once a car is manufactured in large quantities, an individual wants to make his or her car more personal and unique. That’s why this Fiat got the fastest version that resembles the well-known Fiat Abarth, a race monster on European circles. The car is also standard, with a native engine, but the remaining version of the sport.

Stalled project

It did not start without a problem for Egbert Jan with the purchase of a stalled project. Fiat 600 E was heavily affected by the brown monster (rust). The wheels were very rough, the bottom had welding. But as a ‘man of iron’ he began this work with his father. Egbert Jan is young, and therefore a new generation of classic owners. And for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this. But his father had more free time and experience.

Project suspended

After a few years the project was halted by the death of his father and there was no courage and strength to complete the project. Still, there was a new beginning. From the time of purchase until the road entrance was more than 15 years.

Connect with childhood memory

Egbert Jan: “My grandfather started his life with a young Italian, Autobianchi and later got a Fiat 600. His car ownership ended with a bright Fiat 128 Coupé. To prove that Fiat’s DNA ran smoothly in the family, I give a summary of my father’s car life. It started with the Fiat 600, then two more of the same type. Then came Fiat 127 three times, Fiat Ritmo twice, Tipo and finally Bravo. No wonder I have good memories of that. Fiat’s heart continues to beat with me, even through my childhood memories. ”

bright yellow

It is beautiful, fun and practical and can be controlled, so it is very useful in current (busy) traffic. Participation in traffic is limited to small trips with wife and children. Only the best city car with the best and most important road, its gasoline is minimal.

What is also small is the cost of registration. Cheaper than individual sales, Auto Motor Klassiek pops up on the door mat immediately after its appearance. By clicking the mouse you are guaranteed to get a lot of past and present entertainment on wheels 2 or 4. My advice: Do it!

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