Fiat 600: everything we know [Nuove Foto Spia a Torino] – Electricity

Fiat 600: everything we know [Nuove Foto Spia a Torino] – Electricity

The Fiat 600 was further scrutinized in Turin during the testing phase

May 15, 2023

dafter several months of rumors that they wandered on internet and several hundred spy photos, today we can finally carefully analyze the future car that Fiat will present to the few month.

As with other manufacturers, Stellantis it fully utilizes the potential of the platform STLA smalldeveloped on the basis of the platform CMP extension of the former French group PSA. Today, thanks to new spy photos of GabetzSpyUnitwe can look closely at the example of a Fiat 600 seen in Turin.

Fiat 600 profile

Fiat 600 & Jeep Avenger, different twins

THE the two types are very similar (including the plant where they will be produced, in Tychy (Poland)) and, thanks to the arrival on the market of Jeep Avengeralready today we can know many things about the future Fiat 600.

The suspensionmost likely, they will be equipped with a McPherson ahead and of a grade to twist in hindsight, it is certainly useful for having a yield-free adjustment but it is not too difficult.

If we look more closely profile of the car we can see the classic vertical c of Avenger and, most likely, the future 600 should have one height slightly higher than 4 meter and provide the same background space as we saw with it Jeepmaybe better until four adults.

Fiat 600 wheels, with a diameter of 16 inches

Design, classic Fiat

THEL design of the car follows what we have already seen and Fiat 500 e: Headlights connected to the eyebrow on the hood, part ahead and a very wide grid that connects the sensors in the middle ADAS and a long tailgate that makes better use of space for trunk (probably with greater power than the Avenger).

Fiat 600 back

Fiat 600 back


Stthey will do that two Recommended engines in Italy: heat or hybrid And 100% electric. There are still many doubts about the first engine and it is probably more acceptable to be PureTech 1.2-liter turbocharged three-cylindercapable of developing the power of 100 cv And 205 Nm maximum torque. However, it is possible that Stellantis wants to differentiate Avenger And 600with the introduction of a system hybrid for 48 Volts for Fiat (especially useful for use, not so effective for Avenger), but maybe with a price a little more up of the current Avenger base.

A dialect 100% electric will be the development of strength training which we have seen so far in all Group Stellantis (eg Peugeot e-208, Opel Corsa-e, DS 3 E-Tense etc.) and, as with the Avenger, 600 will be equipped with a motor electricity forward from 156 HP and 260 Nm maximum torque. There dancewhich will be able to 54 kWh (51 kWh net) and capable of providing a range of 400 e.gcan be recharged internally BC border 11 kW and, in A.Dwill be able to reach the power of 100 kW (from 20% to 80% in about 25 minutes).

Fiat 600

Fiat 600


Land the only information that until today we do not know price. It will be interesting to understand which the band it will want to keep itself Fiat compared to her sister Jeep. If it should be 100% heatthere is a possibility that price the starting point is slightly lower than the current one Avenger (Euro 23,900 online) and if it should have a hybrid for 48 VoltIt is inevitable that the price may even rise.

The most attractive price will be the version dance In fact, since the Jeep electric starts from 37,900 euros (32,600 euros plus government contribution) and if anything, Fiat would offer a slightly lower price than 35,000 euro, it could be of electricity competition against Chinese cars.