Fiat 600, here is the new electric B-SUV around the streets of Rome

Fiat 600, here is the new electric B-SUV around the streets of Rome

Fiat 600 it shows up again without hiding anything. After the photo that ANSA shared a few days ago, they are arriving new spy photoswhich were distributed through the Instagram account of cochepias1. Pictures showing the car around the streets of Rome. Looking at them closely, it can be seen that the car is busy shooting an advertising segment that will probably be used during the presentation.

Therefore, a new opportunity has arrived to be able to view the shapes of the new Fiat model which, as we know, is electric. Compared to the previous image which showed the Fiat 600 in plain sight, the new image allows a better examination of the front and rear of the car. The front, in particular, has several references to that of the 500 electric.

From the picture comes another confirmation of the choice of the name of the model. In fact, on the grille, in the middle, there is the text “600” which we also find on the plastic edge in the lower part of the side. The presentation of the B-SUV, therefore, is getting closer and closer. When can it be revealed? It is assumed that the selected date it could be the 4th of July. On that day, in 1957, the first 500 were delivered. Furthermore, in 2007, again on July 4, the new 500 were presented.

We already know that the new Fiat 600 will be closely related to the Jeep Avenger from a technical point of view. Therefore, we will most likely find a 115 kW (156 HP) electric motor with 260 Nm of torque driven by a 54 kWh battery (51 kWh usable) which will allow a distance of close to 400 km according to the WLTP cycle.

During the presentation of the Fiat 600 it will also be possible to understand if this new model will also be offered in an endothermic version, at least in some markets like the Jeep Avenger. The Italian brand’s new model will be built at the Tychy plant in Poland.

[Foto spia: cochespias1]