Fiat 600: the interior was revealed by the CEO on Instagram [VIDEO] – Electricity

Fiat 600: the interior was revealed by the CEO on Instagram [VIDEO] – Electricity

A few hours ago, the CEO unveiled the interior of the new Fiat 600

May 26, 2023

Qa few days ago, new Fiat 600 he showed himself to Larici for future business and, despite the first being in a few weeks, the CEO Oliver Francois has revealed the interior of future electronics.

A few hours ago, after diving into a cylinder full of paint (here to find out more), executive director of the brand has published a story on Instagram internal affairs The future Fiat 600.

Fiat or Jeep?

NopeAlthough there are a few frames that executive directorwe can see many details of the new 600. About Jeep Avengerin the central console there are buttons to manage the transmission, and two sockets USB down and right push button of air conditioning.

Far from air vents and a dashboard that has many things in common Avengerwe can explore classic performances from 10.25 inches of infotainment (as in the 500e, with integrated features and compatibility with Android Auto and Apple Car Play). Also, more information that appears in the video, is instrument panel of the driver’s seat – about 7 inches – similar to what we saw in the battery-powered 500 ei. seats who remember 500X.

In general, between the new Jeep Avenger and the Fiat 500e, what we will see in the new Fiat 600 is definitely a combination of two cars from the Stellantis Group and, after revealing these last details, we just have to wait for the next one. one. July 4th see it for sure.