Fiat 600e sports car from Abarth: electric car with 240 hp

Fiat 600e sports car from Abarth: electric car with 240 hp

Fiat offshoot Abarth is celebrating its birthday and giving itself a present: The 600e will soon also be available with a scorpion in the back – fast and sporty.

Abarth takes the Fiat 600e and gives the spacious little car a sporty makeover. As the racing brand with the scorpion on the logo announced just in time for its 75th birthday, the so-called Seicento will not only get a meaty design and a modified interior in the summer, but above all a more powerful car. .

Where the main brand stands up to 115 kW/156 hp, the Abarth puts an electric motor with 176 kW/240 hp. This makes the Stromer the most powerful series model in the brand’s history to date. The Italians have not yet mentioned the battery capacity, range and performance. But it can be noted that the Abarth 600e drives faster than the Fiat, which limits the power to 150 km / h.

A sports car at a sports price

Links from the race also include a mechanical low-slip differential, which is intended to prevent the wheels from spinning, for example during hard acceleration. The front seats should offer plenty of lateral support. As a sporty bonus, according to Fiat, the electronic driving audio can also be activated via the infotainment.

More powerful and faster – that will also be reflected in the price: where the Fiat 600e starts at 36,490 euros, the Abarth is impossible to find for less than 40,000 euros.