Fiat, alliance with Peugeot for a small SUV: when will it arrive?

Fiat, alliance with Peugeot for a small SUV: when will it arrive?

The Brazil is a very thriving market for Fiat, which has important plans for you in the coming years. According to inside sources, the Stellantis group will propose starting 2025 A new compact SUV for the Latin American market, whose characteristics will seem familiar to you. In fact, even if its landing on the market along our peninsula, or in any case in the Old Continent, does not seem to be in the pipeline, it takes attention from the closely known production. In this case, it seems that it will use the same platform as Peugeot 208, Opel Corsa and Citroen C3. At least for now, the choice of name would always be postponed, so much so that in the headquarters it would be called by project code, F1H. The car soon to go on sale will probably have a lot in common with the Panda of tomorrow, the best seller of the quality of the Turin company.

Fiat: new compact SUV in collaboration with Peugeot

That the development of a compact SUV is underway is a certainty, not a possibility. It was to provide official trappings Juliano Almeida, Vice President of Purchasing for Stellantis Latin America. Being interviewed by a special newspaper Car trade, the chief executive admitted that it will be an important part of the future range. In South America, the conference will carry out important activities investmentdue to the excellent results obtained in the recent period. The great needs of the local public push them in this direction and they will try to satisfy them as much as possible, through an attractive proposal from every point of view.

Unlike in the past, when Fiat had to rely on itself or, more, on his wife Chryslerresources have increased significantly. Now no idea seems unattainable, also because nowadays it is possible to implement ideas small economy. The cost control position provides a way to allocate the budget allocated to various fields, which, perhaps, in the past had to be set aside. Now the fear of failure is less scary, which stimulates the thinking of the work group, starting designer.

In this particular case, the CMP platform will be used to replace the current generation of Argon. An important suggestion in that area, which will be said bye to follow up. With the new entry of 2025 I would also consider replacing the Chronos. Finally, two different sets of models will be combined into one, to improve the results. Therefore, it is possible that the characteristic features will be borrowed a little from one and a little from the other. This provided that the leaked rumors correspond to the truth, which has yet to be confirmed. Eligible vehicles that were released landed in dealerships during the 2017 and their days would be numbered. Both are resting on the stage MP1 of the former FCA, merged, together with PSA Groupe, into Stellantis.

Unfortunately, rumors are few and it is impossible to understand what the reason is, if it depends on the desire of the Builder to keep the cards covered or if some details still need to be agreed. Regardless of the actual reason, the parties will work to reduce costs, with obvious benefits to customers. Which, having a lower consumption capacity than in other areas, pays more attention Price list. A low price policy would make it possible to further consolidate the occupied space in Brazil and in neighboring countries. The the size compact cars will contribute to driving pleasure, as well as parking maneuvers.

In terms, however, of the type of engine, in all probability there will not be a full electric version. If in countries within the European Union, such as Italy and Spain, bevs constitute a niche, the considerations are more valid in the case of South America. In theory, the engines currently used in the Fiat Argo and Cronos will be confirmed, which are Firefly for 1.0-liter three-cylinder and that a 1.3 liter four-cylinder. Both decide to set up Bioethanol FlexFuel.