Fiat Bravo (1996) – Wanted Activist

Fiat Bravo (1996) – Wanted Activist

Fiat Bravo is not a car for enthusiasts Safi sang and frankly, the question is whether he will be forever. So why do we serve you? Well, this is one sample that probably deserves interest for several reasons.

Where the Fiat Stilo was sometimes criticized for its good-natured appearance, that was a bit of a reaction to its Bravo and Brava predecessors, which seemed too aggressive. You might not be able to think too well in 2023, but Bravo was a surprisingly good thing to see for its time. At least, especially the five-door called Brava, with its sliding butt and rear lights divided over three different floors. However, few Dutch people were interested in it and Bravo and Brava were no strangers to the streets in the 1990s and the first decade of this century, along with the Marea. These days yes. There aren’t many left.

It is amazing that this Fiat Bravo is among the survivors. It really splashes that the first owner was on his money when ordering the car. In any case, also with the intention of enjoying the car for a very long time, because their paths diverged only after eight years. However, the first one was not the most loyal owner. That was the second owner, who drove it until 2018. With white paint, colorless bumpers, hubcaps, window winders and the lack of a tachometer (and so on) you can expect that you want to change the car more generously equipment a little earlier. We take our hats off to the people who have remained loyal to Bravo in all its simplicity for so long.

It is certain that modesty that the car can still give a lover the best autumn of his life. After all, the car should belong to someone with a soft spot for rude cars rather than from someone with a soft spot for a Fiat Bravo. There are more people in the first category. So it is to be hoped that such a person will come forward to take over Bravo. At €1,500, the asking price isn’t too high, although you can’t call it cheap either. What goes against the car’s favor is that it has only had three owners and the odometer is less than 70,000 km.

What do you think, will there be a fan of this? Or is this a car that is great for scrapping, but not attractive to a new owner?