Fiat Chrysler Automobiles share: That should be really exciting!  ()

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles share: That should be really exciting! ()

For Stellantis stock from the segment “Car Manufacturer”, the price of EUR 14,616 was listed on 25 May 2023, 8:58 am

Our analysts rated Stellantis based on 4 criteria. Each criteria defines a “buy”, “hold” or “sell” rating. The overall assessment is the result of the individual results of this analysis.

1. Sentiment and Buzz: An assessment of the level of change in sentiment and the intensity of discussion gives the following picture: In the last month, the mood of investors has increased more. So we rate this move with “Buy”. Let’s look at the volume of discussion in the last month. This provides information about whether a segment tends to receive more or less attention. Investors did not discuss the company more or less than usual. This results in a “Hold” rating. This gives Stellantis stock a “buy” rating.

2. Relative Strength Index: For stocks, technical analysis also looks at the ratio of upward and downward price movements over time and plots this over a 7-day period in the Relative Strength Index. According to this so-called RSI, Stellantis is currently neither overbought nor oversold at 57.28. Therefore, the classification “Hold” is applied to this signal. If the relative movement is extended to 25 days (RSI25), the stock will read 70. This is considered a sign that the stock is considered overbought. Accordingly, the rating on this basis is “Sell”. Generally, this results in a “Sell” classification for the RSI.

3. Investors: Apart from hard factors like balance sheet data, stock prices can also be evaluated using soft factors like sentiment. Our analysts have looked at Stellantis on social media and gauged that the comments/reviews have been overwhelmingly negative. In addition, Stellantis-related social media users have picked up on negative topics over the past two days. The stock is therefore classified as “Sell” for this analysis. Additionally, this analysis was optimized by considering trading signals. Six fully calculated signals are available (6 “Buy”, 0 “Sell”), which results in a “Buy” rating at the trading signal level. With this, the editors come to the conclusion that Stellantis must be classified as “Hold” based on sentiment.

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