Fiat Chrysler shareholders bless: FCA connection is good

Fiat Chrysler shareholders bless: FCA connection is good

“Now they are ready to make a big difference in quality”: CEO Sergio Marchionne.

(dpa) The connection between Fiat and Chrysler car manufacturers is good after approval from Fiat shareholders. As expected, shareholders approved the merger of the American company with American manufacturer on August 1, 2014 in Turin. Voting at the last shareholders’ meeting at Fiat headquarters was the final step towards a merger organized by CEO Sergio Marchionne in a number of steps:

Fiat goes to the Netherlands

New “Fiat Chrysler Automobiles” (FCA) logo.

In January, Chrysler slipped completely under the umbrella of the 115-year-old Fiat Group as the third-largest car manufacturer in America. The new Atlantic crossing car company is called FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). For tax reasons, its headquarters are relocated from Turin to London, which regulates Italian and American companies under Dutch law. With the completion of the merger under company law, shares will be traded on New York Stock Exchange with Milan from the autumn season. Investment in those billions is planned. “Our plans for the future are enormous,” stressed Fiat President John Elkann. “This is a company that can and should focus more,” added Marchionne. Shareholders’ meetings in the Netherlands will be broadcast online in the future. Elkann and Marchionne stressed that Fiat will remain connected to his country. “Fiat is not leaving Italy. Even if trade is planned in the Netherlands, the promise in Italy will remain unchanged, we will not reduce our operations,” Marchionne explained. “In all the decisions we have made or are making, we try to find a balance between logical benefits and social responsibility.”

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