Fiat Doblò New and E-Doblò

Fiat Doblò New and E-Doblò

The Doblò that you still find in Fiat theaters is quite old. The model was launched in 2010 and started when Fiat was part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. intelligent ludo space they had Opel Combo in Europe as a technical twin brother, but the car had already been transformed into a Opel variant of Peugeot Partner / Rifter and Citroën Berlingo in 2018. Now it’s Doblò’s turn to emulate the two French brothers Stellantis.

Like Peugeot Partner, Citroën Berlingo and Toyota ProAce City, Doblò will not only be a variant of commercial vehicle, but also a passenger car version. Another thing that the new Doblò resembles his brothers and sisters: Doblò also comes in a complete electric variant. The passenger version only comes with an all-electric power train, the commercial Doblò Van commercial vehicle will soon be available with electric trains and combustion engines.

Many options? Safe. The new Doblò is available in two lengths and thus in several configurations. In addition to Doblò Van, there will be a Crew Cab and a Combi. The ‘short’ Doblò is 4.4 meters long and has a loading capacity of 3.3 cubic meters. The longest variant is 4.75 meters long, has a wheelbase of 2.97 meters and swallows up to 4.4 cubic meters. Fiat gives Doblò a relatively unique face, complete with a nose closed and visible front lights.

Fiat will supply Doblò Van with 100 and 130 hp 1.5 diesel engines and a 1.2 petrol engine that delivers 110 hp on the front wheels. The electric E-Doblò has a well-known 50-kWh battery with 136 hp motor and 260 Nm of electric power. Its top speed is 130 km / h. The maximum power is 280 km and the battery pack can be charged with electricity with a charging capacity of up to 100 kW.

Little Doblò is the second head of the new position from Fiat in a short time. Fiat recently introduced a brand new Scudo with its variant of passenger car, the Ulysse.