Fiat, here is the 600 SUV. It will replace the 500X, and it will have

Fiat, here is the 600 SUV. It will replace the 500X, and it will have

The first image of the Fiat 600 appears online, the Italian brand’s long-awaited B-SUV that will be launched in the coming months. The car fits into what is a favorite segment of Italians and Europeans, and brings clear references to previous models.

The example, his photo that was captured in Germany and together from ANSA, it looks a lot like the Fiat 500. The 600, therefore, will follow the style of the city car, but it will be bigger than the last one. For technical aspects, however, the Jeep Avenger will be a “model” that inspires a compact SUV.

In addition to the design, the captured image is also important to remove any doubts about the name: in fact, the number 600 can be clearly seen on the edge of the car, confirming that the compact SUV will take the name of what it was. once an icon of Italy’s economic growth.

From a technical point of view, the Fiat 600 should replace the 500X, a compact crossover.. Compared to the latter, however, it should be shorter (more than 4 m against 4.30 m). The 600 will share a lot with the latest Jeep Avenger, including the use of the CMP – e-CMP platform for the electric version. –

Epochal change in the house of Fiat, by 2030 it will produce only electric cars

On board there should be an electric motor already seen in Avenger, autonomy about 400 km

As for the engine, the use of 115 kW – 155 HP – electric motor with a torque of 260 Nm seems safe. The range should be around 400 km, thanks to the 54 kWh battery. Finally, it will be the same electric motor used by the Stellantis group in the aforementioned Jeep Avenger.

Here is the Jeep Avenger, the first electric Jeep SUV

There will also be a petrol engine – 100 bhp 1.2 – but it will only be available in certain markets. The arrival of the 1.2 Mild Hybrid version is also possible. Like the Avenger, the Fiat 600 will also be produced in Poland at the Tychy plant.

There is no information about the price. The Fiat 500X starts at a price of 23,000 euros, while the Jeep Avenger costs 23,300 euros in the petrol version. The electric version, on the other hand, starts at 35,400 euros. So it is possible that the Fiat 600 in an electric version could cost around 30,000 euros..