Fiat launches electric Fiat Panda SUV, camper and more EVs

Fiat launches electric Fiat Panda SUV, camper and more EVs

Fiat has revealed a number of concepts inspired by the Fiat Panda. From an electric car for the city to an SUV and even a camper.

We recently wrote about the Fiat Panda 100HP, which as a cheap used car is a good choice for your first car. Small is good.

Fiat Panda SUV as an electric car

But the future of Fiat Panda is certainly not limited. And it’s not cheap either, we’re afraid. The Italian automaker is now giving you a glimpse of the future with a range of electric concept cars inspired by the Fiat Panda.

Led by Fiat CEO and Stellantis CMO Oliver Francois, the campaign is in support of the beloved Panda of the 1980s and combines nostalgia with a forward-looking vision. You see concepts of different future models, all at least in SUV size.

Mega Panda and City Car

The first electric car of the future is this City Car, affectionately called Mega Panda. Not to be confused with the first official electronic variant of the Fiat Panda, which will appear on the market in July 2024.

Fiat unveils the electric Fiat Panda SUV and more cars of the future
(Photo: Fiat)

The Mega Panda is all about sustainability, focusing on recycled plastic and bamboo, as well as innovations such as a self-retracting charging cable to simplify the use of the electric vehicle.

Electric take on the Fiat Strada

The Tesla Cybertruck also has a competitor coming with this future version of the Fiat Strada. Electric shock.

fiat strada electric pickup concept
(Photo: Fiat)

Fiat Fastback SUV of the future

Fastback is an SUV from Fiat that is very popular in Brazil. However, for the next version, the Italian car manufacturer wants to conquer the world market. But that is still in the future.

Fiat fastback suv future electric car
(Photo: Fiat)

Giga Panda

Then a family SUV called the Giga Panda. This futuristic Fiat responds to the growing need for family transportation with an emphasis on safety, versatility and design. Designed to provide space and durability for families around the world.

giga fiat panda elektrisdche suv
(Photo: Fiat)

Electric camp

Well, why not end up with an electric camp, giving Volkswagen some competition.

(Photo: Fiat)

More about these concept cars read and check here. Then, in the short term, we should expect the first electric Fiat Panda, which will be released in July 2024.