Fiat leads the market for the fourteenth month in a row!  –

Fiat leads the market for the fourteenth month in a row! –

In Poland, Fiat does not make an impression this year – in February, the brand had only 294 registrations, and in the first two months there were 653. It was enough for the Italian brand to create the partnership of the Stellantis concern to take only 31st place in the list of the most famous car manufacturers. However, there is a country – and it is not Italy – where Fiat has been the market leader for fourteen months.

It’s about Brazil. In February, Fiat achieved a market share of 21.9%, and the latest version of the Strada model is the best-selling model there! Among the ten best-selling cars, Fiat has two other models – Argo and Mobi.

In February, Fiat sold 26,414 vehicles in Brazil, gaining a market share of 21.9%. It has been 14 consecutive months as the market leader. Despite the difficult market conditions in the industry related to the semiconductor crisis, the brand’s commercial strategy has been very successful. In just two months, it was 49,700 registrations, a difference of almost 20,000 units over the brand that took second place (only in February, there were 9,000 cars ahead).

Time passes and the new Fiat Strada does not change its status as a selling point. After finishing 2021 as the best-selling model in Brazil – an unprecedented phenomenon in the pickup truck industry – the model finished February in first place with 7,314 units registered (6.1% of the total market share and an amazing 96.7% for pick up a truck) part of it, an all-time record in its category).

Among the ten best-selling cars in Brazil in February, Fiat also listed Argo hatchback in 7th place (4,321 units registered and 3.6% market share) and Mobi 10th (4,162 units and 3.4% market share).

In terms of individual market segments, Fiat shows its strength by closing in February among the top hatchbacks (26.4%), pick-ups (55.6%) and vans (44.4%). These results are repeated in the consolidated figures for the year. The brand is also celebrating excellent results in retail and shipping sales, leading in both channels in the first two months.

According to Herlander Zola, vice president of Fiat for South America, times for the industry in the country are still very difficult due to the semiconductor crisis. “The important thing is that we work with the merchants to adjust the version that the situation requires“.

Zola also highlighted the Pulse SUV, which is doing well despite the difficulty of parts supply. “The production availability of the Fiat Pulse continues to make a big difference to the registration of the model, but the results remain very promising. We got the 5th place in the segment with almost 9% share.“.

Krzysztof Gregorczyk; photo: Fiat Brazil

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