Fiat Mobi 2021: 10 important facts about the subcompact

Fiat Mobi 2021: 10 important facts about the subcompact

Fiat Mobi is that car that is part of the segment that argues, for hundreds of reais, who is the cheapest on the market, but not necessarily the best-selling. But his other job is to be the consumer portal for Fiat in Brazil. In this, it fulfills both roles well, as it is among the cheapest models and also among the top five best sellers in the country.

Despite that, it turns out to be a good choice of car. half new, cheap, easy to park and economical. Don’t forget that we are talking about a car where space is an issue and whose maintenance is not as affordable as the sticker price. Check out 10 facts about Fiat Mobi.

The glass back cover is featured on the compact compactPhoto: Jorge Lopes/EM/DA Press

1 – A little note of the history of the Fiat compact car

Fiat Mobi was launched in April 2016 as the brand’s most affordable car. Its mission was to replace the Palio Young at that time, the first generation of the compact, that of 1996.

The name was derived from the industry buzzword, “mobility”. There were expectations that the subcompact would introduce the new 1.0-cylinder Firefly engine, but this only arrived in November. Fiat Mobi was even seen with four old Fire Cups.

Gradually, it grew in sales, even more so because of the affordable price tag of the car. In June 2021, it was the best-selling passenger car in the country, according to Fenabrave data, and in the middle of the semiconductor crisis that affected the production of such models. Chevrolet Onyx and Hyundai HB20.

In May 2022, the line reached a milestone. Fiat Mobi reached 400 thousand units manufactured in Betim (MG). Last year, it had an engine suitable for the Proconve L7 and lost the Easy ox foot version, which did not have air conditioning or power steering.

Fiat Mobi Trekking 1.0 white interior static dashboard 2021

Hard plastic dominates in the interior trimPhoto: Jorge Lopes/EM/DA Press

2 – Fiat Mobi is a shortened Uno

Fiat Mobi is made on the same platform as the 327 by the Italian brand, from the second generation Uno, which ceased production in 2021. The model is short. It has a length of 3.59 meters (less than 23cm) and a wheelbase of 2.30 meters (less than 7cm).

3 – For this reason, space is not all those things…

It is very small in Fiat Mobi. Drivers have less room for their knees and legs, and heavier drivers will rub their shoulders with passengers – something that also happened on the Uno. Back there is no clearance for anything and only two adults are shown there. The trunk is smaller, with a capacity of only 200 liters.

Fiat Mobi Trekking 1.0 Fire model 2021 white interior of the back seat static

The space in the back seat is very small and can accommodate only two people.Photo: Jorge Lopes/EM/DA Press

4 – Performance for climbing and descending

The old Fire engine, which comes exclusively with the Fiat Mobi from 2021 onwards, offers only excellent performance in the city. There are 74hp with ethanol and 71hp of power with gasoline.

This ability is on a flat track, because on the slope there is that almost sertaneja suffering. Fortunately, torque of 9.7kgfm (e)/9.3kgfm (g) is available at 3,250rpm. According to the car manufacturer, Fiat Mobi accelerates to 100km / h in 14 seconds with ethanol and 15.8 with gasoline.

5 – The subcompact also had a Firefly engine

Seven months after its launch, the Fiat Mobi beat higher versions with the new Firefly engine. With three cylinders, the 1.0 6V produces 77hp (e)/72hp (g) and 10.9kgfm (e)/10.4kgfm (g), and runs smoother than the old four-cylinder.

It was even smarter, accelerating to 100km/h in less than 11 seconds. Maintenance is also cheaper thanks to Fiat’s price adjustments. But the consumption is higher with ethanol, and more efficient with gasoline. The Firefly is no longer available in the 2021 Fiat Mobi range.

Fiat Mobi Trekking 1.0 Fire model 2021 white static engine bay

The 1.0 Moto engine has 74hp of maximum power and only good performance in flightPhoto: Jorge Lopes/EM/DA Press

6 – Check how the use of Fiat Mobi is

According to the Brazilian Vehicle Labeling Program, the Fiat Mobi 2021 with a four-cylinder engine has an average fit for its urban appeal. Check out:

Fiat Mobi Like 2021

  • Ethanol consumption in the city: 9.8km/l
  • Ethanol consumption on the road: 11km/l
  • Petrol consumption city: 14.2km/l
  • Consumption of road gasoline: 15.5 km / l
  • Grade level: B
  • Overall grade: B

Fiat Mobi Trekking 2021

  • Ethanol consumption in the city: 9.6km/l
  • Road ethanol consumption: 10.4km/l
  • Petrol consumption city: 13.5km/l
  • Road gasoline consumption: 15km / l
  • Grade level: C
  • Overall grade: B

For the three-cylinder Firefly engine, consumption was worse with ethanol and better with gasoline.

Fiat Mobi 2020 Park

  • Ethanol consumption in the city: 9.5km/l
  • Ethanol consumption on the road: 11.3km/l
  • Petrol consumption in the city: 13.7 km / l
  • Petrol consumption on the road: 15.9km/l
Fiat Mobi Like the 1.0 2022 model in front of dark gray in the studio

Fiat Mobi As a 2022 model

7 – What was the Fiat subcompact special series?

The first special series of Fiat Mobi was the Extreme Way, launched in 2018. According to the adventurous option of the time, it actually had a bag of options already set at a more affordable price. A reversing camera built into the rear mirror, audio with Bluetooth and USB, rear defogger and wiper, fog lights and 14-inch alloy wheels are part of the equipment.

In the design, the inner lining is darkened and the glass covers are painted in matte gray. In addition, the front grille has a different finish and the edition mark is visible on the sides.

In the same year, another limited edition, the Fiat Mobi Velocity, this time was sold only in red or white, and based on the Drive 1.0 with many Mopar accessories. The 14-inch alloy wheels are painted graphite and the roof, rear spoiler and exterior mirrors are painted black.

In terms of equipment, it comes with fog lights, electric rear windows and cameras (mirror images) and reverse sensors, but the audio system is a must. Despite the Speed ​​name, the engine is a 1.0 Firefly.

Fiat Mobi Way Extreme 1.0 Special Series Model 2020 static white front

Fiat Mobi Road in Extreme Special Series 1.0Photo: Adriano Sant’Ana/EM/DA Press

8 – An obvious announcer in the line of 2021

The 2021 Fiat Mobi line brought an interesting alternative to the Route: Trekking. It has a number of interesting and different applications, such as the black painted roof and longitudinal bars, the moldings on the fenders, stickers on the hood, back and sides, darkened hoods, mirror covers in gloss black, side stripes and handles. of the door painted inside. of the car.

Inside, unique seat upholstery with orange stitching. The ground clearance of the Fiat Mobi Trekking is 19cm, with an angle of attack of 24 degrees. The 2021 line of the Fiat hatch even now has a central Uconnect, with a seven-inch screen as an option. And in the 2023 line, it began to have stability and traction controls as standard.

9 – Check the prices of maintenance parts

Fiat Mobi has a lot of parts at a low price, which follows the recommendation of a “popular” car. Except for the rear bumper, the features are competitively priced.

Check the prices of some parts of Fiat Mobi 2021:

  • Front brake pad set: from BRL 75 to BRL 140
  • Set with four spark plugs: from BRL 90 to BRL 150
  • Oil kit (three liters 5W30 + filter): from BRL 150 to BRL 250
  • Fuel pump: from BRL 340 to BRL 550
  • Rear shock absorber kit: from BRL 220 to BRL 480
  • Light: from BRL 380 to BRL 600
  • Rear bumper: from BRL 2,000 to BRL 2,800

Modifications are not very cheap for the part of entry covers.

Fiat Mobi Kama 2021 fixed price review:

  • 10,000 km: BRL 488
  • 20,000 km: BRL 632
  • 30,000 km: BRL 996
  • 40,000 km: BRL 844
  • 50,000 km: BRL 668
  • 60,000 km: BRL 2,068
  • Total: BRL 5,696
Fiat Mobi Velocity model 2018 white front static

Fiat Mobi Velocity 2018 modelPhoto: Fiat/Disclosure

10 – What are the main problems of Fiat Mobi?

In groups with owners of the model and also on the website “Reclame Aqui” there are many complaints related to problems in the brake module and also in the injection system of the Fiat Mobi. Prematurely burned out headlights and cases of intrusion into the cabin also recur in the list of complaints about the Fiat subcompact.

  • Not to mention the number of recalls for a car less than seven years old. Remember:
  • Brake light switch replacement – 2016 to 2020
  • Ignition Coil Replacement – 2016 and 2017
  • Arrow Key Update – 2016 to 2018
  • Gearbox replacement – 2017
  • Gear shift sensor replacement – 2018
  • Replacement of injection and ignition system relays – 2018 and 2019
  • Column shaft replacement – 2018 and 2019
  • Glass replacement – 2020
  • Replacement of rear door stops – 2021

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