Fiat Panda is becoming an SUV, but will it mark the farewell of the beloved Pandino?  No one wanted to hear that news

Fiat Panda is becoming an SUV, but will it mark the farewell of the beloved Pandino? No one wanted to hear that news

Fiat Panda in the B-SUV version is one of the greatest innovations of recent years. But what will happen to the ‘old’ style we all know?

The world is changing and so is what it represents car market. The technologies installed in the cars are getting better and also important in giving the driver a sense of creativity and sophistication compared to the outside world. Changes are becoming more important and cars are taking on a new look, which is definitely different from what we are used to seeing until now. However, consumers are not always inclined to accept change.

Fiat Panda (

He probably realizes it too il World of Fiat, where what represents a very important evolution of one of the models that made the history of the brand was truly announced. As it is known to many, in fact, the old and beloved Panda is about to change its design and appearance, and become a real B-SUV, effectively taking over the role of the city car that dominated the market for years, with few others. other models who have been able to continue.

It is all associated with options that must be sought not so much in the wishes of the users themselves, which they will never want. stop climbing which has convinced many to buy more than 40 years ago, with different models but always dedicated to small car lovers. The latter, however, gradually disappear, giving way to other types of products. For what reason?

The Panda will be a B-SUV, but will it be goodbye to the city car we all love?

There is an aspect linked to safety: manufacturers have to respect standards that are very difficult to apply to the small cars we know. The costs would not be sustainable, and even from a structural point of view there would be few problems. Then there is the question of internationalization of the product, another aspect that Star it works to allow the Panda’s style to be a little ‘Italian’ but also marketable.

Fiat Panda B-Suv new model
Fiat Panda becomes B-SUV: will it be goodbye to the model we all know? (YouTube)

Will this mean a definitive farewell to the City Car model we all know? This is possible. Of course, Stellantis itself will have to decide whether to focus on its powers on the new Panda B-SUV or whether to give users a double choice. The truth is that today the world of consumers (especially Italians, lovers of small cars) would not accept at all the news of the farewell of the old and beloved Panda. However, the risk is real and in the coming months it will be the manufacturer himself who will have to move in one direction.