Fiat Panda new and Panda SUV with electric car from 2023?

Fiat Panda new and Panda SUV with electric car from 2023?

( – Fiat boss Olivier François has already talked about the 2020 electric pole with the French automotive magazine L’Argus. Now, in conversation with AutoExpress UK, he is following up again.

Fiat Centoventi (2019)


After that, Fiat wants to launch a whole series of new models based on Centoventi research over the next five years. He has the opportunity to introduce a new model name or return to familiar names, said François. He heads toward the end. “So I’m going to do part B, and it will be a new Punto? Will it be a Super Panda? I don’t know,” said the brand boss.

Today’s Panda is in part A, the 2018 Punto expired is calculated in part B. The difference between sections A and B (small and small cars) is definitely not important to François.

“My idea is to cover or focus on cars between 3.7 and 4.3 meters,” he said. “Part, part B, short B-SUV, long B-SUV. I want to play there.” (Fiat Boss Olivier François)

AutoExpress translates the Fiat boss into the way the new Panda and Panda SUV are planned, with other cars to follow later. Panda is destined to be a solid, compact car, a true successor to today’s Panda (and possibly a competitor of the planned. Renault Air4if we add).

In addition, there should be one or two larger models that may use the well-known CMP platform of the Stellantis group, which also carries e-208 and Corsa-e. All of these Centenary Derivatives are scheduled to be launched in 2023, according to AutoExpress.

Reportedly, Stellantis already wants to offer three new models for the year 2022, all based on CMP: a small SUV from Alpha, a small Jeep and one of the Centoventi models. Three FCA brands joined the Stellantis group in January and so far have no structures based on the CMP platform established by PSA. The old PSA Peugeot, Citroen, DS and Opel brands that have already been purchased by PSA in 2017 are widely used.

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Stellantis platforms are expected to reduce development costs for small cars by up to three quarters, according to François. In addition to CMP vehicles, there will previously be the Fiat 500 e, which was manufactured during the FCA era and was only launched in 2020. On this basis, there may also be significant differences in the future, AutoExpress believes.

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