Fiat stands out, exclusive features for the new 600: what a waste

Fiat stands out, exclusive features for the new 600: what a waste

Fiat always has something special in mind for its large customer base. The new 600 is still surprisingly impressive.

Fiat, merged with Chrysler and incorporated into the Stellantis group, is one of the most famous and famous companies in the world. The most famous brand in the automotive industry. All good for the many goals achieved by the Italian brand based in Turin over time.

Fiat ( – ​​Ansa)

The results have now been seen for more than half a century, and it is no coincidence that the brand has many voices around the world even in 2023.

One of the most important projects on the part of Fiat is that of the new Fiat 600. A car that is expected to be similar in size to the Jeep Avenger; therefore a height of more than four meters. The engine should be electric capable of producing up to 156 horsepower of high power and with a range of 400 km. The maximum speed should not exceed 150 km / h.

The new Fiat 600 beyond belief: no one would have ever thought of it like this

We talked about the expectations related to the new Fiat 600, which should be a small SUV / crossover. An example that many will surely have wondered about the details of the design and the lines of beauty. In a sense, willingly or unwillingly, many people have recently become complacent. Yes, because despite Stellantis presenting the car officially, some exciting pictures have reached more than a few fans..

New Fiat 600, interesting pictures from Germany ( – ​​​​​​​​​Ansa)

Someone, for example, was able to photograph him in Germany. And not in the stealth or ‘anti-spoiler’ version. This time in fact, during several tests in Germany, the new Fiat 600 revealed itself without covers and complete with the logo printed on the original rim. From a design perspective, it appears to be a very similar vehicle to the recently presented Smart #1. The recently mentioned car has a modern and simple understated appearance, and is also available with an electric solution only.

In contrast, the 600 will have a zero-emission variant but may also offer other interesting engine solutions. The lines show a clear inspiration from the icon of the brand par quality, 500. However, the dimensions are larger. The car can come with five doors and a big trunk. A potential launch campaign for the brand new Fiat-branded motorcycle is seen on the side of the vehicle in question. Much information is still lacking to confirm these hypotheses, which will either be rejected or relaunched soon. In fact, we remind you that the presentation is expected on July 4. And time, and obviously Stellantis’s patience, is running out.